Tavira Monaco SAM

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Alphea Overview
Tavira Monaco SAM
Monaco Based Investment Manager of
Alphea Fund SPC
•Eliot Goodfellow
•Patrick Fietje
•CTS Management
Alphea Fund SPC
BVI Located Segregated Portfolio Company
Systematic Trading Fund
Dockview Fund
Special Sits Fund
Trading, Clearing and
Custodian Services
Tavira Securities Ltd.
FSA Regulated London Based
Business Structure Chart
Tavira Monaco SAM
Monaco Based Investment Manager
of Alphea Fund SPC
Tavira Securities
Prime Broker:
Morgan Stanley Int.
Systematic Trading Fund Ltd
Additional Segregated
Portfolio Cell (BVI)
Circle Partners N.V.
Depositary Bank:
ABN Amro Guernsey
Price and Costing
Segregated Portfolio Company Cell Set-Up/ Cost estimates (assuming launch under USD5-10mln)
Legal Fees
Current Alphea Costs
Set Up USD
Running USD
Legal Disbursements
BVI Fees
Admin Fees
Admin Disbursements
(10% Admin Fees)
Initial Set Up Fee
Audit Fees
Total Annual Cost
(Year 1 Only)
Set Up Costs Only
28,600 or EUR 22,000
Tavira Hedge Fund Platform
Combined with Tavira Monaco’s specialist
prime broking capabilities, in house trading
facilities and Monaco’s beneficial tax
structure HF’s can launch with a much
lower AUM of USD 10 million vs. USD 70
million in the UK and still running a viable
Tavira Monaco SAM (TM) proposes to redomicile non Monegasque Alternative
Investment Vehicles (AIVs) under its
authorisation in the Principality of Monaco
Ultimately, re-direction of positive cash flow
maybe made from TM to the jurisdiction
directed from AIV.
AIVs may have optimal flexibility by
retaining marketing, sales and support
functions in the jurisdiction of their choice.
However, investment cash flows must be
directed in the first instance via Monaco.
Tavira Hedge Fund Platform
AIV staff may retain in the jurisdiction of their choice
under an investment Advisor/sub-advisor structure.
AIV staff receive Monaco residency by being employed by
Under either structure, profits can be directed to remain
in Monaco or re-directed to a jurisdiction of the AIV’s
Tavira Hedge Fund Platform
Why do you need a Specialist Prime Broker?
 Setting up an asset management company is complex and has many moving
parts. There are many requirements of incorporation, legal and regulatory
procedures, fund set up, investment strategy determination, trading and
settlement. All the elements of this set up need careful co-ordination and are
fully supported by Tavira Monaco.
88 Wood Street
London EC2V 7DA
United Kingdom
Le Montaigne
6 Bd Des Moulins
98000 Monaco
Rodus Building, 4th floor
P.O. Box 4064
VG 1110
British Virgin Islands
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