The Bowman Family
George Bowman & Mary Hite were pioneers during the 1700s in the colony
of Virginia. They were among the first to settle the Shenandoah Valley, an
area that was difficult to access due to the obstacle of the Blue Ridge
Mountains. It became a crucial area for the development of Virginia’s wheat
and merchant milling exports. Their sons, John, Abraham, Joseph, and
Isaac Bowman became Virginia militia
officers in the American Revolutionary War.
In 1779, they led thirty pioneer families to
Madison County, Kentucky and established
Bowman’s Station. The brothers then
helped establish Fayette County, Kentucky
in 1780. The Bowman’s left a true family
legacy legacy and were admired by fellow
settlers for their courage and bravery.
Distilling History
A. Smith Bowman’s distilling roots began before Prohibition. The Bowman
family had a dairy & granary farm in Fairfax County , Virginia that they
called Sunset Hills. Excess grain from the farm was used to start
distilling spirits. In 1935, after the Repeal of Prohibition, Abram Smith
Bowman built and licensed a slightly more modern distillery. This was
the first licensed distillery after Prohibition on the East Coast
In 1988 , the distillery was moved to its current
location, nestled in the historic city of
Fredericksburg , VA in Spotsylvania County.
Here, A. Smith Bowman continued the
tradition of making hand crafted, small
batch, premium spirits. It’s undeniable the
Bowman family has a rich history and
provided great contributions to our country,
the state of Virginia, and the whiskey
The Distillery Today
As a small and privately owned company, A.
Smith Bowman Distillery continues the timehonored traditions on which it was founded. With
the help of our trusty still, “Mary”, A. Smith
Bowman produces an assortment of spirits distilled
from only the finest natural ingredients, crafted by
hand, every step of the way. We have a passion for
making premium spirits honoring the legacy of
Virginia’s first settlers.
Master Distiller, Truman Cox
Born in Indiana, Truman grew up fascinated by his
Grandfather’s tales of driving “gin trucks” from local
farms into Chicago and Detroit. Earning a degree in
Chemistry in Iowa, Truman learned the science,
process, and equipment needed to make spirits .Then
he went to Kentucky, where he learned about the trade,
craft, and artistry, of making exceptional spirits.
When Truman became Master Distiller of A. Smith
Bowman Distillery, he sought to honor the pioneering
Bowman family and their distilling history . By
creating premium hand crafted whiskey, vodka, gin
and rum, he achieves this vision.
Truman keeps a watchful eye and passionate heart while overseeing A.
Smith Bowman Distillery. The result is a collection of distinctive premium
spirits that capture the pioneer spirit of Virginia.
Small Batch Collection
Bowman Brothers
Small Batch Bourbon
• Honoring the pioneering legends
of the original Bowman Brothers
• Small Batch
• 90 proof
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• 6 pack case
• $29.99 retail
John J. Bowman
Single Barrel Bourbon
• Double Gold Medal Winner
• 2012 San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition
• Honors Colonel John J. Bowman,
early colonial military commander
and governor
• Single Barrel
• 100 proof
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• 6 pack case
• $49.99 retail
Abraham Bowman
Limited Edition Whiskey
• Special Release
• Each is distinctive
• Produced periodically with unique
recipe, proof, age, etc.
• Named for Abraham Bowman,
Commander of the 8th Virginia Regiment
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• Very limited
• 6 pack case
• $69.99 retail
Deep Run
Small Batch Vodka
• Named after the fresh lake adjacent
to A. Smith Bowman Distillery
• Small Batch
• 80 proof
• Distilled 7 times
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• 6 pack case
• $27.99 retail
Sunset Hills
Small Batch Gin
• Named after the original
Bowman family estate in Fairfax, Virginia
• Small Batch
• 80 proof
• Mild flavor of juniper and
other botanicals
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• 6 pack case
• $28.99 retail
George Bowman
Dark Rum
• Named after the patriarch of the
Bowman family who established
the original family estate in Virginia
• Small Batch
• 80 proof
• Dark, rich, and sweet
• Well aged Caribbean rum
• Handmade with Cork Finish
• 6 pack case
• $29.99 retail