Programme 2
Entertaining Business Partners
Teaching Objectives
● Learn how to invite a visiting client to
● Know about the etiquette over dinner;
● Learn to arrange some entertaining
activities of local characteristic;
● Practice listening for specific information.
Arranging Entertaining Activities of
Local Characteristics
1. Invitation
2. Etiquette
3. Addressing
Extending an Invitation
Mr. Black: Good morning, Ms.He.
Ms. He: Good morning, Mr. Black. Do you have any plans for tomorrow
Mr. Black: No. I have nothing planned.
Ms. He: Mr. Zhang, our managing Director, would like to have the pleasure
of inviting you to a dinner party.
Mr. Black: That`s very kind of him. I`ll be most delighted to go.
Ms. He: The party will be held at Garden Hotel at 7:00 pm. I`ll pick you up
at six o`clock in the evening.
Mr. Black: Thank you for your invitation. I`ll be there.
Ms. He: See you tomorrow.
Extending an Invitation
1.Will you come to luncheon on (Friday, September
the fifith), at (12 o`clock)?
2.It would give us great pleasure to have your
presence at a reception in honor of our company.
3. I would like to extend to you an invitation to be our
guest speaker at the conference to be held at the
meeting room of our company at four o'clock.
The Dinner Etiquette
Can you find any impolite behavior ?
Addressing at the Banquet
Useful expressions
 1. I consider it a great honor to have you all here.
 2. It gives us great pleasure to play host tonight to our old
friend, Dr. and Mrs. Green in Beijing University once again.
 3.I know this is your first time to China, so let me start by
extending my warmest welcome to you and your
 4. On behalf of the faculty, students and staff of the
university, I wish to extend our warm welcome to Dr. and
Mrs. Green and other distinguished New Zealand guests.
 5. I would like to welcome you once again, and we will try
our best to make your visit here worthwhile and meaningful.
Addressing at the Banquet
 6. This is a historic occasion. And I am particularly pleased
to see that you are able to be present.
7. I`m very happy to welcome our distinguished guests to
our company.
8. We have great pleasure in greeting the arrival of Kirk
Company Mission led by Mr. White.
9. I am delighted to be here this evening, and to have the
opportunity to address here.
10. It`s really nice to see you in a different and informal
setting like this.
11. We welcome you to be here at this party in spite your
busy schedule.
Addressing at the Banquet
 1. I propose a toast to the health of everyone here and to
the success of our negotiation.
 2. I`d like to take this opportunity to propose a toast to the
success of the negotiation and to the prosperity of our two
 3. Now I should like to propose a toast to this new stage in
the friendship and cooperation between our two companies
 4. We hope your present visit to Shanghai is successful
and fruitful in many ways.
Addressing at the Banquet
 5. Let us drink to the health of Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
who came abroad from Canada.
 6. Glasses have been distributed to everyone.
When all are ready, we shall drink to the health of
all guests present.
 7.I would like to invite you to join me in a toast to
the trade and friendship between us, to the health
of Mr. Li, to the health of our Chinese friends, to
the health of our colleagues, and to all the ladies
and gentlemen present here.
 8. please help yourselves and choose what you
Addressing at the Banquet
 1. Thank you for your kind words of welcome.
 2. Coming all the way from China, I am particularly grateful
to you for your banquet.
 3. On behalf of my wife and in my own name, I express my
heartfelt thanks to our host, Mr. Liu for giving this grand
 4. Thank you very much for preparing such a sumptuous
banquet for us today.
 5. I would like to thank you all for inviting me to such a
marvelous dinner.
Addressing at the Banquet
 6. I am grateful to you for having this welcoming party for
 7.I greatly appreciate your hospitality. It is a great pleasure
getting to know you.
 8. I`m sure I speak for all my associates when I say we feel
very pleased and honored to attend your reception held in
our honor tonight and thank you for your warm welcome.
 9. On behalf of all of your American guests, I wish to thank
you for the incomparable hospitality for which the Chinese
people are justly famous throughout the world.
Addressing at the Banquet
 1. I hope our harmonious business relationship will keep us
together next year too.
 2. As you know, Mr. Liu will soon be leaving us to become
the director of the Shanghai branch. We are very happy
that he has been promoted.
 3. I`m Bob Robinson, the new director of the Shanghai
branch from New York headquarters. I hope you`ll give me
the same support as you did my predecessor with whom
you achieved such splendid results.
 4. As I have been chosen to be the president of the
company by the stockholders and by the board of directors.
I`m fully prepared to devote myself totally to the further
development of our company. I ask for the same support
you gave my predecessor.
Addressing at the Banquet
 5.In bidding farewell to him, we sincerely hope Mr. Smith
will benefit us with his invaluable advice and suggestions
tending to the improvement of our work.
 6. It is our firm intention to do our utmost to make the
company prosper, and we request your strong support in
our endeavor. Thank you.
 7. As I`m newly assigned, and neither very familiar with all
of you nor with this area, I`m sure there will be a lot of
things I`ll need your advice about. I’m looking forward to
working with you and doing my part to make a productive
and satisfying work place.
 8. I hope we will have another great year.
Introduction of Chinese Food
 中国烹饪历史悠久,在世界各地都很受欢迎和赞赏。它很强调色、香、味三大要
 中国菜以酸、辣、苦、甜、咸五味为主,主要烹制方法有煎、炒、炖、蒸、烤、
 北京菜种类繁多,它要求刀工好、香味浓、配料精。
 广东菜又称粤菜,选料广泛。烹饪技术讲究煎、炸、炖、烤,尤其注重菜肴的色
 淮扬菜有一种淡淡的甜味,多用文火煮、蒸、煨来烹制出温和和持久的香味。
 四川菜以麻辣见长,在一道菜中把不同的味道巧妙的融合在一起。辣椒、胡椒、
 北方人口味偏咸,南方人口味偏甜。鲁菜的特点是味重,以美味的海鲜为主,被
 徽菜系又称“徽帮”、“安徽风味”,是徽州地方烹饪艺术,属中国著名的八大
Case 1
You are the manager of a trade company and
you are having dinner with your business partner,
Mr. Young from ABC Company in America, who
is on a business trip to China. Talk about the
your cooperation.
Case 2
You are the secretary of Mr. Zhang, the
General Manager of Great Wall Company.
You are inviting Mr. Stone, your business
partner to dinner on behalf of Mr. Zhang.
Case 3
You are an interpreter. You are accompanying
your foreign client, Ms. Black, in a shop
where Chinese artifacts are sold. Ms. Black
wants to buy some traditional Chinese
artifacts as gifts for her friends.
Listen and fill in the blanks in the
dialogue of the text
Conversation 1
1. calling to see
2. nothing special.
3. have a dinner with him
4. imagine
5. are not used to
6. pay attention to
7. have a toast
8. pick you up
Listen to the conversation again
and decide whether the
statements are true or false.
Conversation 1
1. F
2. F
3. F
4. T
5. T
6. F
7. T
8. T
Listen and fill in the blanks in the
dialogue of the text
Conversation 2
1. take any seat
2. Chinese cooking
3. knife and fork
4. a toast
5. present stay
6. fruitful
7. effect
8. signed
9. through the joint efforts of both sides
10. keep in touch
11. it really tastes good
12. whatever
Listen to the conversation again
and answer the following
Conversation 2
1. Mr.Yang.
2. No. because he thinks it’s better for Mr. Yang, who knows
Chinese food better, to order
3. Chopsticks.
4. Not only have they signed a large contract but also worked
out specific plans for future cooperation.
5. Five days.
6. Chinese meals are really wonderful. We can enjoy “color,
flavor and taste” all at the same time.
7. Beer.
8. It’s a little spicy, but it really tastes good. It is cooked in a
very different way from food in their country.
Listen to the conversation again and answer
the following questions.
Conversation 3
1. a sound sleep
2. come to
3. regards
4. bother
5. considerate
6. located
7. occupies an area
8. seating capacity
9. including
11.the opening and closing ceremonies
12. main body
13. earthquake.
14. where
15. Since
Listen to the conversation again
and answer the following
Conversation 3
1. He asks Li Na to give Mr. Rodgers his kind regards and
accompany him for a city tour today.
2. They have come to an agreement, so he felt very relaxed
and had a good sleep yesterday.
3. Bird Nest.
4. the National Stadium
5. It is located at the southern part of the Olympic Green in
6. 91,000, including 11,000 temporary seats.
7. the track and field competitions, and the football finals.
8. No.
Listen to the conversation 4 and
fill in the blanks
Conversation 4
1. are quite interested in
2. the first time
3. wonder
4. crazy about
5. music, dance, art
6. they fall in love at the first sight
7. When does the opera start?
8. tickets
9. by the audience
10.plays the role of
Listen to the conversation again
and decide whether the
statements are true or false.
Conversation 4
1. F
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. T
6. F
7. T
8. F
Oral interpretation of the key
1. 您昨晚睡得好吗?
2. 请问您今晚有什么安排吗?
3. 非常感谢您今天陪我。
4. 我今天下午5点来宾馆接您。
5. 杨先生要我向您转达他的亲切问候。
Oral interpretation of the key
6. 您请再吃些鱼吧。
7. 我相信通过我们双方的共同努力,我们之8.
8. 鸟巢工程总占地面积21公顷,建筑面积
9. 你想得太周到了。
10. 请允许我代表我们公司敬您一杯。
Key to interpretation
1. Did you have a sound sleep last night?
2. Do you have any special arrangement
3. It’s very kind of you to keep me company.
4. I will pick you up at the hotel at 5 pm.
5. Mr. Yang asks me to give you kind regards.
Key to interpretation
6. Please help yourself to some more fish.
7. I believe through the joint efforts of both sides,
there will more exchanges and cooperation
between us.
8. The Bird Nest covers an area of 21hectares, and
has a floor space of 258,000 square meters.
9. It’s so considerate of you.
10. Allow me to propose a toast on behalf of our
Role play
Student A: You are an interpreter from
Shanghai Cosmetics Company. Your boss,
Mr. Zhang, asks you to invite Mr. Smith for a
dinner. You are supposed to arrange the
invitation with appropriate language.
Student B: you are a businessman from
Seattle. You are supposed to accept the
Role play
Student A: you are an interpreter and are
responsible for arranging a city tour for your
business partner, Ms. Taylor. You will
accompany her throughout the tour.
Student B: you are a business woman who
comes to Beijing on business. You will visit
some places of interests with the interpreter

Programme 2 Entertaining Business Partners