Curves - Erin Floyd`s Public Relations Portfolio

Health Clubs and Fitness Centers
for Women
Marketing Plan
Executive Summary and Overview
Historical Context
The first Curves Fitness Center opened in Harlingen, Texas in 1992. The concept of a 30minute workout session appealed to women who tried it, and the fitness center expanded to
become a huge success in the United States. Founders Gary and Diane Heavin then decided
to branch out even more and make the fitness centers international. The company was able
to effectively market to its publics and create an award-winning national advertising
campaign for the year 2003 – obtaining this goal in under a decade.
Curves has responded to change in a proactive way. After researching the company, our team
was unable to find “bad press”/anything overly negative. Curves is constantly growing, and
has been recognized as the fastest growing franchise in history for the past 15 years. Curves’s
current standing is good, but there are many fitness centers that make this industry
competitive. One good move on the part of Curves is keeping up to date with modern
workout trends. Zumba, a dance-based workout craze, has been added to the Curves
Industry Analysis/Trends
• Online workout options and online meal
• Pre-packaged foods with auto-delivery
• Effective workouts that show results quickly
• Easy access to gym facilities with flexible
• Variety in workout types (cardio, yoga,
aerobics, weights, workout machines, etc.)
• Zumba and other dance-based workouts
• Pick-your-own-plan flexible rates
• Free trials
External Factors Affecting the Industry &
Competitive Analysis
Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
Vertical Butterfly Fitness
SWOT Analysis
Strengths vs. Competitors:
Compared to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, which focus mainly on meal plans,
Curves focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle. Physical workouts make you feel
healthier and energized after just one session.
As opposed to online-based weight loss programs, Curves is much more
personable. The “in-the-flesh” facilities provide a haven for women to socialize and
work out during their free time. They have an opportunity to form real friendships
and motivate each other to achieve their weight loss goals.
Curves has a very large community of women and available locations. According
to the website, it has “10,000 clubs in more than 85 countries serving more than 4
million members.” This provides legitimacy, and a likelihood that there will be a
location near you – especially in metropolitan areas.
Curves has updated some workout routines to go with the times, such as the
Curves Circuit with Zumba.
The Curves workout routine is only half an hour, and therefore much easier for the
average woman to work into a busy routine. It's also women-only – single-gender
workout environments can be more comfortable for many clients.
SWOT Analysis
Weaknesses vs. Competitors:
The locations are only open a limited number of hours. If a woman could only
work out during her lunch break or late in the evenings, she would be forced to
join a 24-hour gym instead.
Since Curves is women-only, the company misses out on male clients, and as a
result, may miss out on female clients. For example, if a woman's
husband/boyfriend signed up for a gym membership, she may sign up too because
of a discounted family rate or for the opportunity to spend time together.
Curves does not seem to include a meal plan or official nutritional counsel.
There's not an option for women who want a strenuous routine or who would
rather work out alone.
There is not a lot of variety in the workout equipment. Clients also have to jump
from machine to machine in rapid succession, so there's not any time to clean the
handles/seats, etc. between clients before use.
SWOT Analysis
Opportunities based on emerging trends:
Curves could adopt a personal trainer option for a higher rate if a
woman's schedule wouldn't allow for a workout during the regular
business hours.
Curves could rotate their staff so that they could stay open during lunch
Curves could break into the online market by setting up an internet-based
routine with discussion boards available for Curves-characteristic
socializing, as well as Q&A with a Curves fitness trainer (similarly to P90X).
Curves already sells vitamins and supplements on their website, but they
could expand their store to include small workout aids (such as weights,
yoga balls, medicine balls, etc.) and workout apparel.
Curves could form partnerships with major food companies (in a way
similar to Weight Watchers and their “point system). That way, the Curves
lifestyle could transcend to grocery stores and restaurants.
SWOT Analysis
Threats to organization:
• 24-hour gyms that have more time versatility.
• Online programs for people not close to a Curves location.
• Strenuous, results-based workouts like P90X.
• Nutrition-based programs that give guidance on food.
• Gyms that allow men.
Competitive Advantage
Curves is the only fitness facility that caters
exclusively to women and uses resistance circuit
workout stations, so it really is in a league of its own.
Women can come together not only to better their
fitness in a “no men, no makeup, no mirrors”
environment, but they can also develop camaraderie
and make friendships along the way. This personal
touch sets it apart.
Target Market
Demographic: The target market of Curves is geared towards
women of any race. Curves is for women from the ages of 1870. The programs are geared towards each woman’s individual
needs and designed for any woman wanting to promote a
healthier life.
Psychographic: The mindset of the women who join Curves is a
desire to change their everyday patterns. Many of these
women are already relatively busy with hectic schedules, and
consequently don’t have a lot of time to work out. Curves has a
30-minute workout that burns 500 calories, which is especially
ideal for the working woman or busy mother. These women
want a change that can integrate well with their current
lifestyles. They choose Curves because the of the “comfortable,
women-only” environment, the support system they can foster
with workout-mates, and the speed of which the full workout
can be completed.
Attitudinal: The attitude of these women in curves is to start
and maintain a healthy life by taking the small steps learned at
Curves and the need to change the past patterns to make new
healthy, life changing patterns for a better, stronger life.
Target Audience(s)
Benefits Desired
Psychographics &
To learn a healthy
fitness habit that they
can adopt and maintain.
Any girl/young lady of
any race, ethnicity,
and/or background.
Curves is for any
(internationally) that
can afford and benefit
from the Curves
fitness facility.
The pricing will delegate the
members, as it starts at 30
dollars a month. The
members would likely be
lower middle class and up.
To start a fitness
program to stay fit and
become healthier, fight
aging, and feel better
living a healthier
Any female of any race,
ethnicity, and/or
Curves is for any
(internationally) that
can afford and benefit
from the Curves
fitness facility.
The pricing will delegate the
members, as it starts at 30
dollars a month. The
members would likely be
lower middle class and up.
To incorporate physical
activity like the Curves
circuit to stay active and
help prevent the effects
of aging. The seniors
hope to prevent illness
or disease by living a
healthier lifestyle.
Any women of any
race, ethnicity, and/or
Curves is for any
(internationally) that
can afford and benefit
from the Curves
fitness facility.
The pricing will delegate the
members, as it starts at 30
dollars a month. The
members would likely be
lower middle class and up.
Business Mission Statement
Current Mission Statement:
“Each year, millions of women suffer needlessly from
preventable disease. Together, we can change this. We can live
years longer and enjoy more if we take small steps everyday
toward health.
And it all starts with you. By making your own health priority,
you become a strong link in the chain and have the power to
affect those around you. So share your strength with a woman
in your life. Encourage her. Pass along something you’ve
learned of share a success you’ve had. Help her become
healthier and gain confidence. She’ll feel better and live better,
which will positively affect everyone around her. And then, she
can share her strength.
Together, we will make this world one million women stronger.”
Revised Mission Statement:
“Our goal is to join together as women to fight disease, create
healthy proactive daily routines, and teach each other to make
health a priority. We will create a place not only for our 30minute workout, but to form friendships that we to take with us
throughout our lives.”
Overall Marketing Objectives
Measurement Criteria & Timing
1. To increase Curves visitors and clients
within a younger age group (aged 1624).
Within one year
2. To increase the retention rate female senior Within one year
citizen clients (aged 65 or above).
3. To increase brand awareness and promote
a fresh, “all women” image in order to
be more competitive with other fitness
Within one year
Marketing/Target Market Strategies
Market Penetration Idea
Curves could create a new sales promotion for the
longtime, devoted customers. By way of a loyalty rewards
program, Curves could offer continued membership discounts
or incentives (such as free Curves apparel) for these customers
to show appreciation. The value of the reward would
correspond to the customer's loyalty level (e.g. how long she
has been a member and how many hours she has worked out
at the facilty).
Market Development Idea
To attract new customers, the company could focus on a
younger target market. Curves could create magazine ads for
younger women, and even hire a teen spokesperson. Curves is
already targeted towards women, but if they expanded their
focus to include a younger demographic, they could gain more
members. Through the ads and spokespersons, Curves could
position itself as the newest exercise fad for teens and young
adults-- especially since the facilities have incorporated a
Zumba program.
Marketing/Target Market Strategies
New Products or Services Idea
Curves is already boasts a 30-minute circuit that burns 500 calories using the
resistance machines. The facility could likely benefit from adding variety and
accommodating more clients. However, our research shows that existing Curves
facilities are relatively small and concerned with being budget-friendly. Therefore,
we tried to come up with ideas that would not require spatial expansion or the
purchase of additional machines.
In an area separate from the machines, the gym members could engage in a
cardio circuit to get their heart rates up. Each station would be a different cardio
move: One station would be jump roping, another would be jumping jacks,
another running in place, and perhaps some sort of aerobic dancing at another
station. This would broaden the everyday workout routine.
This new circuit area could be also utilized as a yoga circuit in order to bring
the heart rate back to normal after the cardio, as well as help the clients relax
before they go about their day. Each station would feature a different yoga pose.
These new cardio and yoga options would likely appeal to the new target
audience: a teen/“younger women” demographic.
Product/Service Description
Core Services:
Efficient, full-body workouts (using circuit-style rotation on workout equipment) set to
upbeat music
This 30-minute workout provides cardio and strength training, and provides the
opportunity to burn up to 500 calories.
A “circuit coach”/trainer is on site to motivate and assist the members in their rotation.
There is also a “Curves with Zumba Fitness” option that incorporates both workout styles.
Supplementary Services:
Access to the community.
Dietary supplements and powdered nutritional shakes.
Diane magazine online subscription
Retail products (clothing, etc.)
Product/Service Description
How are services customized or individualized?
• Members can seek customized advice or
assistance from their circuit coaches during their
workout sessions, or after-hours on the online
community. They can choose dietary supplements
to meet their specific needs, and do as much of
the workouts as their body can handle.
• Curves has also developed “Curves Smart,” an
electronic coaching system that is programmed
with your personal stats (height, weight, body
mass index, etc.) and sets reasonable, customized
goals to keep you motivated.
Product/Service Description
• Reliability: Curves offers a full circuit workout that provides the results
consumers are looking for. The services are dependable, accurate, and
• Responsiveness: Curves is open from seven in the morning until eight in
the evening (usually with a break for lunch). Curves provides prompt
feedback during the hours of operation. When a member is at the fitness
center, they have access to staff members who are there to offer
assistance, encouragement, and answer any questions.
• Assurance: Curves employees convey trust by demonstrating the
workouts, citing success stories that show results, and displaying a passion
about the work they are doing.
• Empathy: Curves provides personal trainers to the consumers who need
more attention and have need-specific requirements.
• Tangible Cues: “Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world and is
located in nearly 10,000 locations in over 85 countries”
( Inside the facility,
consumers will find workout equipment that will fulfill their needs.
Pricing Strategy
Curves fitness centers are located in
urban areas so that many women
have access to them. Most of the
facilities are fairly small because of the
set, circular workout area. There are
10,000 locations in 85 countries).
Since Curves is a franchise, the
locations and schedules are
completely up to the franchise owner.
Most facilities are open in the early
morning ranging from 6-7 a.m., and
close around 7-8 p.m.
Personnel and Customer Service
• allows members to become part of an online
community. A sense of camaraderie in between workouts can
help members stay on track and achieve weight loss/health
• The Curves circuit coaches are available to the members at
every workout. The coaches form relationships with the
women who attend the circuit workouts and are the face of
the company to these members. They can encourage the
members to come to the workouts every week and offer their
counsel and advice.
• Curves realizes that when customers are satisfied in general,
they become goodwill ambassadors who tell others about the
facility and recommend it to their friends.
Advertising Objectives
Promotion Objectives
PR/Publicity Objectives
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