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David Hammitt
SBI Coordinator
• Consulting Project Procedure
– Guidelines
– How to
• Resources
• Project Allocation
• Founded 1978
• Aided 600 Companies/Student
• Top in the Nation
Consulting Project
Project Guideline
• Project package
– Client’s SBI application
– Photo Release Form (for client)
– Student Team Checklist
– Invoice
– Thank you Letter
• sbi.unm.edu
Entry Interview
• Entry Interview
– Analysis of Project
– All team members and Instructor
must attend
– Photograph of group with client
• Send photograph to [email protected]
– Final Meeting Scheduled
Engagement Letter
• Engagement Letter
– Outline of project work
– Final Meeting Scheduled
– Instructor Approved
• Engagement letter deadline –
Wednesday, February 19
– Photo, Client release form
Final Meeting
• A formal presentation of findings
to client
– All team members and instructor
must attend
– Client will sign acknowledgement
– Presenting of written report
• Document All Work on the Project
– Time Logs
– Progress Reports for every meeting
– Minimum of 6 Meetings
Time Log
• Team members must maintain
individual time log
– Team leaders should collect time log
end of semester
• Cumulative time log for team
should be included in final report
• All time spent on project should
be documented
Time Log
Final Report
• Final Report due
Monday, May 5
• [email protected]
• Two copies of the report
– One for Client, One for Instructor
– Acknowledgement Receipt
Best Case Competition
• National level
– Submitted from Graduate and
Undergraduate Classes
– 2012
• “The Community Lighthouse”
• “Lightning V8”
Consulting Report
• Format of report contingent on
client needs
• Previous year reports available for
– Must sign out materials with LoboID
– Sbi.unm.edu
Mandatory Report Contents
Cover with company logo
Title page
Table of contents
Executive summary
Introduction page
Sections and Chapters
A conclusion
“Solutions Recommended and
Implemented” and “Solutions
Recommended but not Implemented”
Mandatory Report Contents
8. Footnotes and/or bibliography
9. Exhibits and/or Appendices
10. Materials for grading and
competitive judging
 A letter to instructor highlighting main
issues and recommendations
 Any correspondence with client**
 Progress reports
 A cumulative time log
 Acknowledgement receipt
Report Contents
added by SBI
 Photograph of team with client
 Filled SBI application
 Signed copy of engagement
 All Student Confidentiality and
Photo Forms
Evaluation of Report
 Content based on Instructor
 SBI Requirements
 See Student Checklist
 Neatness, Professionalism, relevance,
thoroughness of research, and
 Presentation (both written and oral)
Consulting Tips
Ethical Consideration
• Confidentiality
• Client permission for logo and
• Relationship of mutual respect
• Restrictions
– Cannot accept gift from client
– Cannot act as a paid consultant
– Cannot assist in obtaining loans
Team Work
• Shared responsibility  Effective
• Good leadership  Effective team
• Effective team  Professional
Leader’s Responsibilities
• All SBI/Client Contact
• Keeping Instructor Appraised
• Final Time Log
• Progress Reports
Client Relationship
• Don’t bite off more than you can
• Be dependable
• Do not expect to know all answers
• Be considerate of your client’s time,
experience, and opinion
• Help your client become self
• Develop effective working
relationship with client
Language and
• Clarity in communication
• Art of listening
• Courtesy
Points for
Successful Consulting
 Use an objective, professional, and positive
approach that focuses on your client's needs
 Encourage your client to talk about the
business in depth
 Show empathy and respect for your client
 Apply your expertise without proving you are
an expert
Points for
Successful Consulting
 Ask questions and perform research that will
help you uncover the root problem, as
evidenced by the symptoms
 Apply thorough analysis to your research
and information before reaching
conclusions or determining
 Make clear recommendations that are
consistent with your client's objectives and
his/her ability to implement them
 Keep your faculty case supervisor well
informed about problems and progress
• Instructor
• SBI Office
• Parish Librarians
• Sbi.unm.edu
• Dry Cleaner
• Major Point:
Go and observe
Project Allocation
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