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The NCD Alliance
Common Interest Group
Ann Keeling, CEO, IDF & Chair, NCD Alliance Steering Group
Third CIG Teleconference, 13 January, 2011
1 . NCD Alliance Update
UN Summit Modalities Resolution
Partners in Health / NCD Alliance NCD Conference
Russia Ministerial Conference on NCDs and Healthy Lifestyles
5. WHO Executive Board
Call To Action to CIG Members
Q&A / update items submitted by CIG members
NCDs on the March
23rd December, 2010 – Summit Modalities Resolution: major success for the
Alliance and CIG (details later)
Common Interest Group - Successful Advocacy in Action
Increasing engagement with NCDs by actors in other disease areas (e.g. AIDS,
Maternal Health)
Several major NCD Sessions at World Economic Forum Davos Jan 2011
Increasing recognition of the central role of civil society at the Summit and the
consultation process leading up to it
Development agencies and donors: still some way to go eg European Union
Development Days December 2010
NCDs: ‘the Elephant in the Room’
A growing NCD Alliance Team
New NCD Alliance Executive Director, Dr Téa Collins (based in UICC, Geneva)
Additional Staff
Greg Paton (IDF, Brussels) relocating to Geneva (UICC) as NCD Alliance Policy
Kiti Kajana (UICC / ACS, Atlanta) relocating to New York to coordinate NCD
Alliance Advocacy and work with NY based partners
Currently recruiting a Communications Coordinator (location tbd)
NCD Alliance Work Streams
High Level Advocacy and Reaching
the Public
Defining a 2020 Roadmap for
• UNSPG will shortly produce an updated Advocacy Plan
• Recent successes include Modalities Campaign, EU Dev Days, NY
advocacy and reaching major media outlets such as CNN and BBC
• Individual Federations currently finalizing disease specific targets
which will feed into an overall targets plan
• Collaboration with Lancet Chronic Disease Action Group – meeting
in February
The Business Case for Investing in
• First WEF Advisory Group meeting held end of November, further
details on timeline and deliverables expected shortly
• WHO costing PEN packages – no updates from WHO
Health Systems and Solutions for
Prevention and Treatment
• Discussions with key expert groups and WHO
• Resource mobilization on-going, aiming to begin Jan 2011
NCD Data Systems, Research and
• Alliance is engaging with WHO Process on Research Priorities
currently taking place
Implementation of the FCTC
• Chaired by Framework Convention Alliance
• Key priority is producing investment report on costs of FCTC
• Two teleconferences held, minutes available
Additional Examples of current work
Children and NCDs (Update by Kate Armstrong, CLAN)
Women and NCDs (Update by Katie Dain, IDF)
WHO Update
WHO Status Report on NCDs - likely delayed until April 2011
Report will focus on trends in respect of mortality, disease burden, risk factors, related
costs, and quality of care
WHO has informed us that civil society experts will be included in the review process
UN Secretary-General NCD Report expected in Q2 2011 (date unknown) which will
focus on the developmental challenges faced by developing countries.
Key NCD Alliance goal is ensuring civil society is given the opportunity to input into
both reports with a reasonable timeframe for consultation.
A report by WHO DG Margaret Chan was discussed at the UN General Assembly on
23 November that dealt with the global status of non-communicable diseases (available
on NCD Alliance website)
Alliance is continuing to push for inclusion of NGOs in upcoming WHO Regional
Summit Consultations
Advocating for civil society involvement in the Steering Committee for the Russia
Ministerial Conference on NCDs chaired by WHO
Upcoming WHO Events
128th WHO Executive Board,17-25th Jan, Geneva
WHO/ UNDESA Regional Summit Consultations
South-East Asia (14-17 Feb, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Americas (24-25 February, Mexico City, Mexico)
Western Pacific (25-27 March, Seoul, South Korea)
Africa: ?
64th World Health Assembly, 16-25 May, Geneva
NCDnet Global Forum, 27 April, Moscow
Other NCD Events
World Economic Forum, 26-30 Jan, Davos
NCD Alliance Side Event: 55th Session of the Commission on the Status of
Women, 22 Feb–4 Mar, New York
Partners in Health / NCD Alliance Conference on NCDs of the Bottom
Billion, 2-3 March, Harvard University (details later)
Oxford Health Alliance Annual Meeting on NCDs, 14-15 April 2011,
Oxford, UK
28-29 April, Russia Ministerial Conference on NCDs, Moscow (details later)
Global Health Council Annual Conference (Theme: NCDs), 13-17 June,
Washington, DC
UN Summit Modalities Resolution
(Agenda Item 2)
Modalities Resolution adopted Dec. 23rd by UN Member States
Dates: 19th-20th September 2011 in New York; (1.5 days in length)
Calls for a concise action oriented outcome document and participation of
Heads of State and Government
Three Roundtable Sessions
– The rising incidence, developmental and other challenges and the social and
economic impact of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors;
– Strengthening national capacities, as well as appropriate policies, to address
prevention and control of non-communicable diseases;
– Fostering international cooperation, as well as coordination, to address noncommunicable diseases
Partners in Health / NCD Alliance Conference on
NCDs Update (Agenda Item 3)
Entitled “ The Long Tail of Global Health Equity: Tackling the Endemic NonCommunicable Diseases of the Bottom Billion” this conference will take place 2-3 March
2011 at Harvard Medical School
Interested participants can register online at, or watch via a free webcast
There are currently over 150 participants who will attempt to :
Define and reach consensus on what is meant by the bottom billion, how NCDs are arrayed in that
population, and the similarities and differences between low and middle-income countries.
Aim to find a common sense of purpose among those focused on individual NCDs endemic to
low-income countries in all disease categories.
Create linkages between thought leaders in control of infectious disease, mental health, and
noncommunicable disease
Highlight the work of several low-income countries who are making strides against NCDs locally
and identify effective methods and lessons-learned from those experiences
Address health system strengthening issues unique to low-income countries, and issue
recommendations, in collaboration with the NCD Alliance, for the UN General Assembly
Organizers welcome questions prior to the Conference and can be directed to
[email protected]
Russia Ministerial Conference on NCDs and
Healthy Lifestyles (Agenda Item 4)
28-29 April, Russia Ministerial Conference, Moscow, by invitation only
Focus on health and non-health sector issues - estimated 600 participants
27 April multi-stakeholder (NCDNet?) forum for civil society and private sector.
Alliance advocating for forum outcomes to feed into Ministerial Conference Declaration
Conference Steering Committee has met twice (led by WHO and the Russia Deputy
Minister of Health), composed of 15 experts – currently no civil society representation
Next Steering Committee meeting 26th January in Geneva – Alliance will advocate for
civil society to be included
Committee members have been invited to share names of experts who will draft the
conference papers
Russia government views the Ministerial Conference as key stand alone meeting and
more than a preparatory meeting for the UN NCD Summit
Alliance met Russian Embassy in Geneva who voiced strong support for civil society
involvement, said all NGOs in official relations with WHO will be invited to the forum
WHO Executive Board
(Agenda Item 5)
Opens this Monday (17th-25th January)
Alliance is disappointed that NCDs are item 14 out of 17 on the Agenda
Ministers will discuss WHO Paper 128/17 which focuses on WHOs role in preparation
for the UN Summit (on Alliance webpage under Resources)
Ex Board Chair: Hungary (also holds the EU Presidency)
Alliance will focus on building support for the Summit with key Ex Board members
(Hungary, Canada, France, China, Russia, US, Oman and others)
Alliance will distribute materials and background information on the UN Summit and will
prepare a statement advocating for strong civil society involvement in the Summit
Alliance will also focus on ‘making the NCD connection’ with non-NCD NGOs and
raising awareness on the Summit.
Please contact the Alliance at [email protected] if you will be attending to arrange to
meet a representative of the Alliance
Call To Action to the CIG (Agenda Item 6)
Join Alliance national campaigns to lobby Head of State or Head of Government to
attend Summit – critical to the success of the Summit
Those in South-East Asia, Americas, Western-Pacific or Africa Regions, work with
Alliance/CIG partners to lobby WHO Regional Office and Health Minister to
include NGOs in the upcoming UN Summit Member State Consultations
Mobilize national and local media – use our NCD Summit FAQs (soon in 6
languages) and other supporting materials (posters, advocacy guides) on our website.
Lets be creative (we need an army of NCD elephants)
Mobilize parliamentarians – to get cross-government support for the Summit and
strong national response. Highlighted as key group in Modalities Resolution
Write letters – advocacy letters sent so far have been very effective. The Alliance will
continue to provide letter templates over the coming months
Spread the word - many government policy makers unaware of Summit or are
confused eg whose Summit?
Thank you – we are making a difference!
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