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The Diabetes Roadmap Shaping the
UN High-Level Summit on NCDs
Anne-Marie Felton
Promoting diabetes care,
prevention and a cure worldwide
A Vibrant Federation
220+ member associations in 160+ countries
2 million+ members
USD 750 million combined income
7 regional offices
IDF Formed the NCD Alliance in 2009
Four NGO federations with 900
associations in 170 countries
IDF CEO chairs the NCD Alliance Steering Group
2009: NCD Alliance Four Key Asks
1. A UN Summit on NCDs
2. Recognising NCD links with MDGs. Successor
goals post 2015
3. Funding for essential NCD medicines,
technologies and care.
4. Integrate NCDs, especially at primary health
care level
Why we wanted a UN Summit?
2001 AIDS Summit was a turning point
o Led to creation of Global Fund
o Led to measurable Outcomes Document
o Governments report every 2 years
But AIDS had
oA strong UN body – UNAIDS
oA strong civil society movement grassroots up
Secured the Global Platform – 13th May:
The UN Summit on NCDs
UN Resolution
Unique Global Political Opportunity
“The UN Summit on NCDs in
September in New York is our
chance to broker an
international commitment that
puts non-communicable
diseases high on the
development agenda, where
they belong”
World Economic Forum, Davos 2011
Organised for Success:
Two Complementary Work Programmes
The UN Summit: What We Have Got
(Modalities Resolution 23 Dec 2010)
• Over 2 days (19-20th September 2011) at UN New York
• Meeting of Heads of State or Heads of Government
• Three thematic roundtables covering:
- incidence and impact
- national capacity policy, prevention, control
- international cooperation and coordination
• Concise action-oriented Outcome Document
• NGOs part of the process
• Role of parliamentarians and the Inter Parliamentary Union
A ‘Summit Sandwich’ in New York
18 Sept HLM Desertification
(African Heads of State)
19 Sept NCD Summit
20 Sept NCD Summit
and HLM on Racism
21 Sept Opening UN
General Assembly
Plus many other meetings eg Clinton Global Initiative
Recent Developments
• Civil Society Task Force established – IDF
President Jean Claude Mbanya one of seven
• Civil Society Hearing – June 16th, New York
• WHO Regional Consultations finished
• Outcomes Document negotiations will start
• WHO Global Health Forum on NCDs and Russia
Ministerial Conferences on NCDs, April
What We Want from the UN Summit:
NCD Alliance Proposed Outcomes Document
Launched 22nd March 2011
Modelled on 2001 HIV/AIDS Outcomes
34 targets and goals we ask UN Member
States to commit to
Not prioritised because NCDs need a holistic
A landmark in the fight against diabetes and NCDs
34 Recommendations including…
Establish a ‘Stop NCDs Partnership’ within the UN system
Establish a UN Decade of Action on NCDs 2012-2022
Reduce NCD deaths by at least 2% per annum
By 2013, develop and implement comprehensive strategies
to reduce childhood obesity
Ensure universal access to affordable high-quality essential
NCD medicines and medical technologies
Reduce NCD stigma and discrimination
By 2012 establish a high-level Commission on
Accountability for Action on NCDs
IDF’s Diabetes Roadmap Programme:
Five Key Work Areas for UN Summit
1. Leading global advocacy for diabetes
2. Producing diabetes evidence and
3. Promoting best practice and workable
4. Mobilising our members at national and
regional levels
5. Building strategic alliances for diabetes
Global view of national diabetes programmes
1. Leading Global Advocacy for Diabetes:
Keeping Diabetes Visible
IDF’s Call to Action on Diabetes launched
WDD 2010 in Beijing
Influencing governments, decision-makers
and broader stakeholders
3 focus areas for action:
- Improve health outcomes of people with
- Prevent the development of type 2
- stop discrimination against people with
Global view of national diabetes programmes
1. Leading Global Advocacy on Diabetes:
Advocacy Toolkit for UN Summit
• Practical easy-to-use guide for our Member Associations
and other stakeholders
• Aims to bridge global to local advocacy for UN Summit
• Includes:
– Overview of the UN Summit
– Guide to effective advocacy and campaigning
– Tips for continuing momentum after UN Summit
– Key resources, tools and publications including sample
letters, press releases, messages and sound bites,
calendar of events etc
Global view of national diabetes programmes
2. Producing Diabetes Evidence and Analysis:
IDF Policy Briefing Series
Key Policy & Advocacy Issues:
•Diabetes and the MDGs
•Access to essential diabetes medicines
and technologies
•Health Systems Strengthening
•Rights and Discrimination
•Maternal Health
Global view of national diabetes programmes
3. Promoting Best Practice & Workable
A Guide to National Diabetes
Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
of People with Diabetes
Coming Shortly
Global Diabetes Plan, 2011-2021
Rapid Action Plan for LMCs
Global view of national diabetes programmes
4. Mobilising our Member Associations:
Consultation on Diabetes Priorities and Needs
• To identify global/regional
priorities for UN Summit, and MA
• Integrate consultation response
into IDF’s global advocacy for
• Translate regional priorities into
regional advocacy messages
included in Advocacy Toolkit
Global view of national diabetes programmes
4. Mobilising our Member Associations
Coordinating Clear Messages:
•New monthly newsletter on UN Summit
•Sent to over 18,000 recipients
•Provides updates on UN Summit, key
messages and case studies in advocacy
Regional Consultations on UN Summit:
•Supporting MAs effectively participate
•Support establishment of local NCD
Global view of national diabetes programmes
5. Building strategic alliances for IDF
• Greater visibility outside diabetes e.g., invitations from
AIDS community, development NGOs
• Increased recognition/credibility with agencies such as
World Bank (maternal health)
• Private sector partnerships e.g. WEF, Global Business
• Joint work with Lancet NCD Action Group
Global view of national diabetes programmes
Key Events in 2011
Commission on the
Status of Women
64th World Health
UN Summit on
World Diabetes Congress,
WEF Davos
Health Ministers
PiH/NCD Alliance
Conference on
bottom billion
Global Health
World Diabetes
WDD 2011: Platform to Deliver Summit
Messages and Follow Up
Continuing UN Summit Momentum:
World Diabetes Congress
What you can do…
• Ensure head of state/government attends the Summit
• Lobby for inclusion of NGOs in national delegations to the Summit
• Send NCD Alliance Proposed Outcomes Document to key decision
• Persuade donors/philanthropic organisations to invest in NCDs –
make the case with us
• Message NCDs and the Summit to govts and the public
• Inform, educate and train the international media on NCDs
• Join the NCD Alliance Common Interest Group:
In our time the destiny
of man presents its
meaning in political
Thomas Mann
Thank you