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To, All the people of the office
Tesla private company
New York-10001
“Hello people of the office, I have been really not a part of your
work lately because I have been not working properly as well as
I feel guilty about all of this. I know it is very difficult for all of
you to work without me: I am very good asset of this company
nothing can’t be done without me this can be very deficit for
the company.
The reason behind all of this is some of my part are not
working , without the fraction of my not working it is very
difficult for me to print anything as well as I feel very fuming
about this at the same time I feel sad about it.
you can call a printer technician he will fix my part after that I
will work very accurately and never disappoint you all.you
altogether can do 1 think so that my printer part work always in
good shape you can just stop banging me when I don’t work as
well as don’t put so much pressure on me I also need some
Your lovely printer,
HP Office Jet Pro X551DW Printer