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EE5501- Lighting and Visual Comforts Assignment 2022 (1)

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
M.Sc./PG Diploma in Building Services Engineering 2019
EE5501: Lighting and Visual Comforts
Take Home Assignment
In this assignment, you will prepare a short report on An Efficient Lighting Design for My
Work Place.
With this report you are trying to convince your superiors that a better and more suitable
lighting design could be designed for your work place while saving on energy cost.
You will take the existing lighting system at your work place, office or factory as a starting
point. Model the workplace using Dialux Evo with the existing lighting arrangement. Study
and report on the performance parameters of the present system. For example, types of
lamps and luminaires used, their total numbers, their efficacy and light output ratios, total
energy consumption for lighting, adequacy of present lighting system for the purpose of
your work place, quality of the existing system etc. Estimate the overall cost of lighting and
cost per million lumen-hours.
Then propose two alternative lighting arrangements (at least one shall be LED lights) and
simulate them using Dialux Evo. With proper evaluation select the best lighting system.
Justify your selection.
You can check the performance (average, max and min light level, uniformity,
lux distribution (isolux curves), glare, etc.) of the existing lighting system and
proposed lighting systems.
Calculate the cost of investment, maintenance and operating cost for the new designs.
Estimate the saving based upon the present cost of electricity.
You are not supposed to write on theory behind above topics. Obtain as much information
as possible about modern energy efficient lighting from manufacturers/supplies.
What to submit:
Your report must have an executive summary, table of contents and then the contents
divided into sections as appropriate.
The repot must not exceed 10 pages excluding cover page, including diagrams in single
column, single spacing and front size of 12.
The cover page must contain course name, your name and index number in addition to the
report title.
You have to submit the Dialux files (.dlx) with the soft copy of the report (.doc or .docx
How to submit:
Your softcopy of the report must be in MsWords (file extension: .doc or .docx) and the
Dialux files (.dlx) have to be submitted with the soft copy of the Dialux report. If
you need, you may compress all the files in zip or rar format to reduce its size.
The name of your file must be namewithinitials.zip or namewithinitials.rar (eg:
Upload the assignment to the Moodle before the deadline.
When to submit:
The deadline for submission of softcopy is 02nd October 2022.