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Create Your Own Utopia - Assignment Guidelines
Be the Creator of your just society
Use your time wisely!!
You will be expected to complete 2-3 tasks in class during “project days” of the week
ALL TASKS MUST BE COMPLETE BY End of Class on Thursday
Your group will be presenting your utopia to the class. All members are required to participate for a grade.
Your final product must be done in the form of a google slides
Group Responsibilities:
You may work with UP TO 3 other students. You may work alone on this as well if you choose.
Make sure EVERYONE in the group has duties and tasks that they are assigned to complete each day.
Before making a final decision about each task make sure that the WHOLE group agrees with the decision
If you have group mates absent for the day – YOU ARE STILL EXPECTED TO DO THE WORK AND HAVE THE
ASSIGNMENT COMPLETED BY THE DUE DATE. This is why you should save all work on your google Drive.
The members of the group will also give you a grade for your contributions to the group. Each member of the
group will be given a grading sheet on Thursday.
70 for the project, 20 for the presentation and 10 for the group grade.
Create Your Own Utopia Assignment
Guidelines – No references to sex, drug use, violence, or disrespectful acts towards groups of people.
Group Tasks: Your final product must include ALL of the following components:
1. Intro Slide– The cover sheet must included the name of your utopian society, a group-created logo
or drawing, and all names of the group’s members.
2. Name of your Utopian society – Choose a creative and appropriate name to represent your new
society. Write a meaningful statement that tells why your group chose this name.
3. Declaration of Independence – Write a brief statement (think 2-3 paragraphs) describing the
reason why you formed your utopian society. In this statement you must answer the following
questions – 1.) What don’t you like about your current society? 2.) How has the current society
broken your trust? 3.) Why do you feel the need to form a more perfect society? 4.) How will your
society be different? 5.) Does your society have some of the same characteristics as your current
society? Yes or No – If yes, then tell which ideas are the same.
4. Utopian Motto and Seal – Create a slogan or motto that citizens of your society will follow, and
draw a utopian seal. Write a brief description that explains the meaning of the motto and seal that
you chose.
5. Utopian Animal or Mascot – What animal would best symbolize your society? Explain your choice,
and include a picture of the animal
6. Legal code – Develop a list of 10 laws that all community members must follow. Provide an one
sentence explanation for each rule.
7. Governing Body – How will the government of this Utopian be structured? Will you have a
democracy, anarchy, a monarchy, a dictatorship, or will you have a mixed government (combines
elements of multiple types of government)? How will your government make decisions? Please
give an explanation for your choices.
8. Holidays and Celebrations – Create 5 or more unique holidays and celebrations (not ones the
exist in our society) that your society will have throughout the year. For each make sure you
include a date and a reason why your society values that celebration.
Options: Choose Five of the societal elements outlined in the Options for Your Utopia attachment.
Discuss how both will be structured and organized in your utopia. How will they work? THIS IS NOT ON
See specific instructions on the Options for Your Utopia attachment.
Options for Your Utopia
Choose two of the following societal elements to include in your utopia. Each option should have 45 sentences written in proper format and proofread and edited.
1. Members/Citizens – If you don’t have a global utopia, who will your citizens be? How many? What
will they do? What rights will they have? How will they gain admittance to your utopia?
2. Children & Education – What are children’s roles in your society? How do they fit in? What will your
system of education be like?
3. Economics, Work & Leisure – What systems will be in place for the production and distribution of
goods and services? What form of currency will you use? How is wealth distributed? Will your
economy be independent or reliant on the rest of the world? Who will do the work? What does a day in
the life of one of your inhabitants look like?
4. Science, Technology & Environment – Will you use technology in your utopia? How? What role will
scientific pursuits play? What will your energy sources be? How will you dispose of society’s wastes?
5. Religion – What role will religion play in your utopia? What freedoms or restrictions will you place on
religious practices?
6. The Arts & Media – How will you incorporate artistic pursuits in your utopia? How much freedom of
expression will artists and the media enjoy? Who will control the media?
7. The Physical Structure – What sort of landscape will you have? What will houses and buildings look
like? How will they be arranged? What will the relationship between private and public space be? How
and where will people live?
8. Law & Order – What sort of system (or systems) will be needed to deal with those who break rules or
those who harm others? How will you address conflict resolution? How will you enforce the rules of
your society?