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Summer Internship Project Report On
Recruitment of Contractual Manpower
Of Purple Techno Solutions (Vijayawada)
K Sai Rohith
Under the Supervision of
Dr Anshu Yadav
Department of Human Resources
Master of Business Administration – Human Resources
Title of summer internship: Recruitment of Contractual Manpower
I hereby say that the work produced for assessment in this summer internship report in my own,
that it is not previously been presented for another assessment and that my debts (for words,
figures, influences, and thoughts) have been suitably approved.
That the work approves to the procedures for presentation set out in the relevant
The plagiarism in the report is 10% (permissible limit is 15%)
K Sai Rohith
This is to certify that K Sai Rohith Prasad student of Masters of Business Administration – HR
at Amity Business School, Amity University Uttar Pradesh has completed the summer
internship Report on “Human Resources: A Study on” Recruitment of Contractual Manpower”
under my guidance.
The report has been checked for plagiarism and is within limits of acceptance.
Dr Anshu Yadav
Assistant Professor
Department of HR
All the days I spent with Purple Techno Solutions I have learnt and gained knowledge on how
the organization works in reality. I would like to thank all the HR’s and the Management for
giving me such an incredible opportunity to explore and to open a very new chapter in my life
and in my career. And I would want extend my greatest of thanks to Mr. Khadar Baba for
guiding me in all the aspects where I struggled throughout my internship days and being the
best guide and a person during my days as an intern. My 45 days in the company taught me a
lot with respect to recruitment process and explore the various number of aspects in the process
in recruitment. I was also able to meet various number of applicants and also got the chance to
know various mindsets about how and what the applicant is seeking in the job when they were
provided with one at Purple Techno Solutions. I also had the privilege to prepare a
questionnaire with regard to the working employees in the company and get to analyse the
feedback and provide with a solution on a problem or two. And I was also very satisfied the
way the organization responded with the results of the employees and also the way they have
responded to the negatives in the feedbacks.
I would like to personally thank Dr.Anshu Yadav who has supported me throughout my
internship process and has been a very supportive and helpful guide in the last month of my
I would also thank AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL, Noida for providing me the chance to
explore a wonderful experience and made me mould for the business world.
Class of 2020
This is the procedure of Manpower Planning, Recruitment and selection procedures in different
IT Undertaking Companies.
This report gives details about characteristics and mindsets of chosen employees to represent
the company.
This examination is fundamentally based on essential and optional information gathered from
organization representatives, web and online articles, summarize about papers and HR
IT Undertaking Companies pursue HR practices according to their business and Service Rules
set by the State and Central Government arrangements.
HR is currently considered as an ASSET rather LIABILITY. Division of HUMAN
RESOURCE in every one of the organizations is currently in spotlight rather than rearward
sitting arrangement and it is found out that "HR can't work in offices".
Great human resource methodologies and practices are the foundation of the considerable
number of organizations. And a great human resource board is the main fundamental role in
anchoring the practices, trainings and laws in the IT organizations.
Recruitment is the process of hiring human resource from various backgrounds which include
students from universities or drive-in or telephone interview, which allow the company to help
recruit the suitable person for the job . Recruitment is mainly done by paying amount to the
employee on monthly basis or yearly basis. And there can also be situations where the
employee is being hired without any payment. In the situations where the employee is being
hired on the basis of no-payment. It indicates either the employee has agreed to work there on
his/her own willingness or there has been additional benefits guaranteed in the place of money.
Recruitment has to be done very carefully in a procedural way so that the recruited employee
will be fruitful to the job he/she has taken to do. To secure the right person for the job initially
the process must begin with a sample of who all to be selected for the interview. So the process
initially begins by conducting MOCK TESTS for the candidates who all are willing to take the
job. The mock test include three different sections. In the first section the questions will be
about the APTITUDE. And the second section consists of VERBAL. The third section is
TECHNICAL. So once the candidates are finished with the mock tests, there will be an
evaluation of test and the evaluation is done by three employees from three different positions
in the company. The verbal tests are being evaluated by the person from the literature
background. The HR’s evaluate the aptitude section of answers. The technical section is being
evaluated by the employer of IT department. Once the candidate is able to pass the MOCK
TEST round he will going into the GROUP DISCUSSION round. In this round of evaluating
the candidate the HR sits in the group discussion and will get to know the candidates in personal
point of view and will allow the candidates to process to an interview if he/she feels the
candidate can be well suited for the job. Then comes the last and final round the INTERVIEW
where the HR person interviews the candidate on his own perspective and will finalize the
number of candidates who are being selected. The above mentioned procedure is being
implemented when the recruitment process is taken within the campus or college or any
The telephonic interview is mainly preferred when the employee who is being interviewed is
not a newly employed candidate. He/she who is in a telephonic interview will be having an
experience so he/she need not be a part of the mock tests which are being conducted in the
earlier case. The candidate will be speaking directly to the HR in the company and will answers
the questions which are being posed by the HR and HR decides whether to recruit or not.
In case of Drive-in interviews the process of recruitment is either done by including or
discluding mock tests based on the nature of the employee.
Once the selection and recruitment process is done, the candidates who have been recruited
would be directly taught about the rues and regulations of the company the DO’s and Don’ts
within the company. Later they would be given a specific date and time scheduled to visit the
company to make sure they are well aware about the whereabouts in and around the company
Then the training and development starts to take place with the candidates who are being
recruited and they will get to know the workplace the colleagues and the management
The contract of the employee who has been recruited will be taking an undergoing an
agreement that he/she from the moment of time will be in the contractual manpower as an
employee of Purple Techno Solutions.
There is also a feedback being taken about the procedure of recruitment and the way it has been
handled. And the employees who were recruited will have their say on the process of
recruitment and the feedbacks will be initially be sent to the management and they will discuss
the flaws (if any) with the HR’S in the company. These feedback process will take place with
the completion of the training and development process.
Continuous feedback after every 6 months from the employees will be taken and they will have
their say upon the workplace and the above people guiding them. These will be directly handled
by the management. Which say’s the importance the management is putting effort towards its
employees. Any flaws made by the higher level management will be questioned and action
would be taken if necessary.
Recruitment selection and retention: The shape of teaching force by (Phillip C schlecty and
victor s vance) (1983). This paper depends on the study hall teacher’s fitness in America. In
1932 Willard Waller portrayed what should be done flawlessly to accept teacher as an
occupation in America. Also, in 1963 Koerner expressed that most of the teachers were
considered as unmarriageable ladies and unmarketable men. There was additionally an awful
comment on the teachers who were teaching in schools in America and the characteristics of
the personnel who are being recruited was being questioned regularly. Recruitment and
selection process through an effective group discussion support system By (Hsu-Shih and
Huan-jyh shyur) (25-08-2005). This paper says that a two phased decision making is being
suggested to get an overview about the results in various ways wide ranges of personal
characteristics can be evaluated by making the decision a two way process. This way the
process of consensus is being brought to life and encouraged. The authors believe that this
way the procedure is expected to be even more effective. Recruiting in small firms: practices
and techniques and issues. By (Mick Marchington, Jill Earnshaw, Stephen Taylor) (1st June
1999). This paper briefs about the investigations identified with the recruiting procedure in
smaller firms. This paper reveals to us how far the administration in the smaller firms differ
from the procedures and techniques which are being used by bigger firms in their recruitment
and selection process. According to the author it demonstrates that there are a different
number of issues which have landed because of not following the procedure of recruitment.
This paper finished up by saying that the administration would not think about any
recruitment strategy's despite the fact that there are many confirmations saying that there are
issues happening due to the nonprocedural recruiting. It also says that by following the
procedures and practices of recruitment in smaller firms like the big ones can reduce that staff
turnover in the smaller firms.
Manpower strategies for flexible organizations By (John Atkinson, institute of manpower
studies) (August 28 1984). This paper says that any new manpower policies which are being
implemented in a firm will be often due to the unplanned business outcomes of the company
so the initiatives which are being taken will be without any considerations of the manpower
implications. Which in cases have let too bad manpower results. As a result of the unplanned
business techniques the firms have found themselves in a position of more flexible ways of
managing the manpower. Flexibility includes functional numerical and financial ways.
Manpower management By (Peter J Buckley , Peter Enderwick). This paper briefs about how
the manpower is being influenced in the industries. It’s mainly dependent on the
characteristics of the industry the main factor is the substantial fluctuations in demand for
manpower. Manpower recruitment is based on the factors such as employment instability and
unstable industrial structure which has been referred as the main causes for fluctuations in
contractual manpower.
Recruitment challenges, issues and strategies in Indian software industries By( Narendra m
Agarwal) (2003). This paper briefs about the ongoing challenges in Indian software industry
about the Human resource department in particular. The author investigates about the
characteristics of Indian software professionals. Ans some of the challenges are reluctant to
take on a position from technical to management within the IT industry, voluntary Attrition,
lack of managerial skills and teamwork. The paper also speaks about the motivating the IT
employees and moving up them the value chain, creating them learning opportunities. And
various other aspects of challenges within the employee’s themselves. Recruitment Strategies
: exploring the dimensions in the Indian Software Industry By ( Piyali Gosh & Geethika) (1st
January 2007). This paper starts by saying that employee skill set is the major factor which
drives them throughout their IT career not the technological advancements. So advanced
recruitment strategies are important to the IT industry to get the exact kind of employee
working in the organization. The size of the organization and among various factors
determine the type of strategy which has to be developed. Ans the author believes that this
can be achieved mainly with the help of a survey. The findings from the survey help put them
into the different stages of the strategy. And these strategies are focused to mainly meet the
short-term requirements. A resource-based analysis of recruitment and selection practices of
Indian software companies. By (Pramila Rao) (23rd march 2010). This paper briefs about the
internal recruitment, employer references, succession planning, interviews and personality
tests. This paper identifies the successful staffing practices by the Indian software companies
as the multinational companies are growing at a huge rate in India. This paper also identifies
about the successful staffing practices in the Indian software organizations and also the
human resource management challenges of the Indian software industry.
Purple Techno Solutions has been serving diverse domains of businesses from last 6 years. The
company has developed high profile exclusive and potential policies which serve benefits
mutually. The company has various solutions in Human Capital domain primarily to clients in
IT, Banking, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Telecommunications industries. It also
provides Recruitment, Staffing, Training and Consulting services to client organizations.
Located at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Purple Techno Solutions is committed to
provide best of its services to clients in India and abroad.
Purple Techno Solutions offer full support and complete peace of mind with its service desk
running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Benefits of outsourcing in company’s IT services also
include infrastructural ‘lights’ always being on, shedding any concerns over whether or not
users will have the relevant access. With constant monitoring the company makes sure that
when needed, your infrastructure is available and easily accessible.
Purple Techno Solutions is committed to making sure the investment in the company’s IT
solutions is the best value for money. With effective bespoke case management, procurement
and supply of ethically sourced hardware and software for the sector. Purple Techno Solutions
mainly thrives to be a non-profit, charity or commercial company. With clear and transparent
costing, the customer’s won’t be stung with any unexpected bills or expenses when the quality
is being delivered in IT services and solutions.
Purple Techno Solutions provides the customers with Information Technology solutions and
design service provider. The IT domain experts and team of experienced designers offer the
clients with automated applications and with a creative design service.
Purple Techno Solutions approach is purely focused on result orientation. Constant
enhancement of concepts, skills and technologies is made sure at every level in the organization
which Purple Techno Solutions believes as a crucial aspect of business efficiency.
Purple Techno Solutions delivery model blends creativity with interactivity. Purple Techno
Solutions is poised to support organizations enhance the performance standards of their IT
systems, applications, technologies, and services. Purple Techno Solution practices, implement
a right mix of delivery models, and deploy of customized solutions through diverse delivery
Purple Techno Solutions provides customers with hi-end IT solution or support for ongoing
management of IT services. Purple Techno Solutions also provides with end-to-end cost
competitive and leverage services to enable improve the customer strengths and competencies
and the return of investment is majorly improved.
Purple Techno Solutions provides its services in
Application Development
Website Development
Cloud Computing
Mobile Apps Development
Application Testing
Methodology is the process of how and what data has been considered to prepare the
questionnaire on analyzing the recruitment process and the employee feedback.
While preparing the methodology various aspects need to be discussed with the employees and
the management to get to know the best and clear feedback is available to management so that
the higher authority would know whether changes or the environment change is required or not
in the organization. And they would also know the current status of the recruitment process
going on in the organization.
Along with the aspects of management and employees’ various articles, books and case studies
have been studied and analyzed what type of questionnaire would be relevant to get to know
the organization even better.
Exploratory research
Exploratory research is done in situations where the problem is not clearly defined and the need
more study to identify the solution in the problem. Doing an exploratory research gives the best
design to be used in a research and the selection of subjects. The conclusions drawn in the
research has to be dealt with extreme precautionary.
Primary Data
Qualitative Research
Primary Data
Primary data gathering is either done by the person himself or can recruit someone to do the
research. Primary research is a type of research done on the customer or employee based on
the target outcomes or markets. This is done to collect the data directly from the employees or
the customers. This is done to solve out any particular problem. This is either done face-to-face
or in a telephonic conversation.
Qualitative Research
Qualitative research method is one of the best method to be implemented to obtain data other
than numericals which consist describing of things, definitions, concepts and symbols. This
research tells us how and why a phenomenon has been occurring and how frequently it may
occur over a period of time. Qualitative research method uses the techniques which have
already being used and established currently
For the question:
Will you agree that HR clearly defining the job description and job specification in the
recruitment process?
The number of employees who strongly agreed & agreed are 80% and who disagreed are 20%
After analysing the employees who disagreed. It was found that the employees have missed
the earlier sessions in the training which in these sessions the HR’s have clearly mentioned the
details about each and aspect of the job.
Job Specifiation
For the question:
What is your opinion on the present man power recruitment procedure followed by your
All the employees for this question marked either fair or very fair. So this question was not
being bought to the employees for discussion
Man Power Recruitment Perocedure
Very Fair
For the question:
Does your organization is able to attract talented candidates?
The number of Employees who marked YES was 60% and was NO 40%
While analysing the candidates who felt wrong about the question. Mostly all of the replied
that they felt their friends or colleagues who were better at work was not given a placement at
Purple Techno solutions. And management replied they need to personally talk to HR’s in this
Candidate Selection
For the question:
What is the tenure of contract for employees working in your organization?
Different employees came up with different options based upon their own departments and
different work they have been assigned to do in the organization.
For the question:
Which one of the following attracted you most initially while you were recruited?
Employees here came up with different answers with the mindsets of their own. So the
management recommended not to dig deep into this question.
For the question:
What are the negative outcomes of recruiting the man power on contract basis?
80% of them felt Resistance from senior management. And 20% of the employees felt because
of legal Disputes.
The management felt that they need to view the organization as a whole with the management
giving the commands to employees. So, the management was satisfied with the outcomes of
this answer.
For the question:
Do any of the following factors affect man power forecasting in the organization?
For this question 60% of the employees felt that its due to the competition. And 15% came up
with changes in technology and the rest 25% came up with organization structure.
After analysing all the results, we came to an analysis that 70% of the employees do the work
out of their passion. And remaining 30% are either not that skilful or afraid each and every
time they might lose their job. So special counselling was given to those employees with
Factos affecting Manpower
Change in Technology
Organization Structure
For the question:
Do you have good coordination with other departments while forecasting the man power in
your organization?
80%of them felt they had a good relationship with other departments while the rest 20% felt
While questioning about their answers most of them answered that they didn’t know the
employees from other departments and they also said that they didn’t have a good relationship
with the other department employees. this situation was dealt by the HR’s in the company.
Co-ordination within the departments
For the question:
Who designs man power recruitment policy in your organization?
All the employees replied it as the top management will have the final say in what work the
employees are needed to do.
Top Management
For the question:
Do you agree that technological changes will influence man power selection in your
All the employees strongly agreed to this answer, and the management also agreed to this.
For the question:
Finally, rate the recruitment process of your organization?
90% of the employees replied it as good and the rest 10% replied as excellent.
This was maybe that they want to impress the management as they were recruited.
Recruitment Process
Use the 3rd party’s recommendation to hire the employees in the organization. For (ex)
the former employees who worked in the organization and outside sources
Employee feedback needs to be concentrated even more than the current adopted
Employees from all the sections of the firm made contactable. The marketing team, The
HR team and the Technical team to ensure an effective output
Make well set of guidelines onto how the employee feedback must be dealt with and
how it can be mad as a WIN-WIN situation for both the management and the
As the technology is growing the use of social media web-sites can be used to the
recruitment policy rather that stick to the three recruitment methods which are being
used now.
These are some of the suggestions to be implemented to make the firm even stronger in
recruitment and selection process
Most of the employees in the organization felt that they are fairly recruited in the company and
also the process of recruitment was transparent, and they didn’t feel that they were being biased
in any situation with both the Male and the Female employees. They also felt the HR’s were
not too harsh during the recruitment process and they had been given enough time to answer
to the questions they were asked.
And the tests which were conducted before the recruitment process were also fair and not so
out of the context questions, which they learnt in past few years of the under graduation.
The recruited employees also felt that they had been guided properly into the organization and
didn’t feel they were left out on their own and thanked the organization for being caring about
them. And which also had given a good impression within the employees about the
At a whole the organization structure is not as perfect as the bigger organizations, but Purple
Techno Solutions seek to improve the firm as a whole in terms of its structure the technological
advancements and the employee development skills.
Questionnaire on Recruitment of Contractual Man Power in Purple Techno Solutions
Name of Organization
Nature of the work
Will you agree that HR clearly defining the job description and job specification in the
recruitment process?
a. Agree
b. Strongly Agree
c. Disagree
d. Strongly Disagree
What is your opinion on the present man power recruitment procedure followed by your
a) Very fair
b) Fair
c) Unfair
d) No opinion.
Does your organization is able to attract talented candidates?
a. Yes
b. No
What is the tenure of contract for employees working in your organization?
a. 1 year
b. 2 years
c. 3 years
d more than 3 years
Which one of the following attracted you most initially while you were recruited?
a. Content of the job
b. Promotion opportunity
c. Salary
d. Size of the organization
What are the negative outcomes of recruiting the man power on contract basis?
a. Resistance from employees in general
b. Resistance from senior management
c. Legal Disputes
d. Resistance from HR Department
Do any of the following factors affect man power forecasting in the organization?
a. Competition
b. Changes in technology
c. Budgetary constraints
d. Organization Structure
Do you have good coordination with other departments while forecasting the man power in
your organization?
a. Yes
b. No
Who designs man power recruitment policy in your organization?
a. Top Management
b. Personnel management
c. Outside consultants
d. Group activity
Do you agree that technological changes will influence man power selection in your
a. Strongly Agree
b. Agree
c. Strongly Disagree
d. Disagree
Finally, rate the recruitment process of your organization?
a. Excellent
b. Good
c. Moderate
d. Poor
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