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How do Agile and CMMI fit with other

How do Agile and CMMI fit with other ?
1. Estimation - Extra focus on estimating at highly granular level of work. Size Estimation is easier and
faster with high accuracy than traditional time consuming techniques with lower accuracy.
2. Planning - Various levels of planning - Product Roadmap, Release and Sprint Backlog ,
Prioritisation wrt business benefit and ROI. That makes it outstanding.
3 Monitor and Control - Real time monitoring with visible charts and use of indicators to act before
4. Configuration Mangement and Product Integration - Well integrated and in-built into tools and
technologies which implement CI and CD
5. Technical Solution - Practices such as Refactoring and Evolutionary Design help to strengthen the
6. Requirement Development and Management - Various level of thorough and thoughtful
requirement planning and User Story approach to make it simple adds value to the practice area.
Traceability is visible and easier to achieve.
7. CAR and DAR - Backlog grooming and design decisions are often based on predictable business
value. Focus on retrospection and demo feedbacks add value towards better and real root cause
8. Risk and Opportunity Management - Inherent risk management with incremental and iterative life
cycle approach toward development. Higher focus on exploiting opportunities due to value driven
9. Training - Generalising specialism requires continuous training process. Constant focus on multiskilling , re-skilling and up-skilling makes it better.
10. V&V and Peer Reviews - Test Driven and Domain driven developments compliments the practice.
Demos and Pair programming definitely add value. Lesser effort in generating tests if there is focus
on testable stories. Use of code coverage and test coverage automation increases the efficiency and
11. Process Asset Development , Process Change Management and Process Quality Assurance These might be areas where CMMI could add value and strengthen agility. Companies successfully
transformed to agile might have already taken care of this.
12. .Managing Performance and Measurement - Frequent deliveries enable getting good number of
data points helping better predictability and optimization of process and technologies with
continuous improvement approach.
If we look at these points, agile is just making CMMI even better. Both have same vision and
purpose. Both can compliment each other when used together.