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America discrimination

1. Describe racial discrimination in america.
Yes, Jose Rizal’s observation is absolutely true. Indeed, United States is the land of standard living.
There were many opportunities for better life offered to everyone. The country is fast progressing as
shown in its cities, farms, and industries. It is a free country where people can enjoy the benefits of
society. However, just like what Dr. Jose Rizal has observed in his travel to America, the freedom was
only for white people. And I agree with this since racial discrimination is largely present today i n the
country. Issues about discrimination and racism on black people was prevalent even before up until
now though many generations passed already. Rizal saw discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and
the negroes by the white Americans. Like for example, in Jose Rizal’s arrival in San Francisco, he
observed passengers from a ship were not allowed to land, and they were put to quarantine because
they came from far east where cholera epidemic is raging. After a week, passengers were allowed to
land but only first-class Chinese and Japanese passengers. Therefore, the reality in America is that
there is non-existence of true civil liberty. Though Americans really value freedom, their kind of
liberty was not for all. The existence of racial inequality was shown in American’s hatred of Chinese,
Japanese, and negroes. Duelling realities of freedom and slavery, liberty and domination, master and
slave have been and continue to be counterparts in the making of modern history. To be free, means a
person meant to be white, and to be white has conversely long meant to be free.