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Evaluation 2 Aragon

Name: Shim Kyla C. Aragon
Section: OBTEC M-I-II
Course: Rizal’s Life and Works
Dr. Jose Rizal’s travel upon writing the six poems we had discussed a while ago.
The poems that Dr. Jose Rizal wrote were his experiences. Aside from his goal to
be an eye doctor, his traveling experiences motivated him to write what he had observed
the freedom of other countries the Philippines never had because of the colonization of
the Spaniards. If I were on his feet, I would feel the same; The homesickness, adjusting to
the new environment, culture, and people—when I traveled by myself to Manila for a
convention. Even though it was just three days, adjusting to my new environment was
quite hard, and I missed my family so bad that I wanted to go home. My travel was not as
far as Rizal, but I felt the same since there is no place like home. Though the excitement I
felt was diverged with me missing my comfort zone. Nonetheless, the experiences and
the learnings I made from the convention widened my knowledge in photojournalism and
gained friends from different regions.
Shim Kyla C. Aragon