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What is Salesforce Field Service lightening?

What is Salesforce Field Service
In fact, to give a long answer, SalesForce isn't the type of organization to lay on their
past glories and success and takes on that revenues will be conveyed with it on a plate.
Its continually trying to increase their horizon, distinguishing new business openings like
getting into the CPQ market with its purchase of SteelBrick or increasing its own gaming
Field service lightning certification is definitely SalesForce's Field Service management
software. Right up until its discharge, SalesForce had no app to relay consumer record
data straight to service clubs during a phone. Third-party programming just like
ServiceMax was applied to fill of which particular gap. Enhancement of SalesForce
Field Lightning is the make an attempt to close typically the void that seemed to be
prevailing inside their method for a while.
Field Service Lightning provides the customer support group a opportunity to assign
work to Industry Service technicians plus monitor them continuously. Additionally, it
allows all of them to handle customer’s records and information in the industry from the
within SalesForce. In SalesForce's words, "Field Service Lightning interfaces your
entire workforce on 1 platform to express more brilliant, faster, increasingly personalized
onsite support of the customers. "