Technology and Evaluation

Using Salesforce for
Performance Monitoring and
Program Evaluation
What is Monitoring and Evaluation
 Monitoring - Regular tracking of
program/staff outputs against specific targets
or benchmarks
AKA – Performance monitoring, performance
 Evaluation - The application of social
science research methods to determine the
outcomes and impacts of an intervention.
Technology and Evaluation
Technology cannot help design and
implement an evaluation
Technology can help
 Data Management
 Streamline processes like data collection
 Reporting – Statistics and Visualization
Salesforce and Performance Monitoring
Salesforce Can Help:
 Centralize data storage on donors, programs, constituents
 Analytics – output and outcome reporting
 Dashboards
 Regular Grant Reporting
 Real time tracking for program monitoring
 Automate data collection
 Enable longer term impact evaluations
 Salesforce can’t do advanced statistical analysis
 Dashboards are basic
2 Data Models for Performance
Monitoring in Salesforce
1) Constituent-focused model
2) Project-focused model
Report Sample – Pre-Post Survey Avgs.
Dashboard Sample – Pre-Post Survey
Report Sample – Employment Status
Report Sample – Avg. Length
Project-Focused Data Model
Plus Org-wide Indicators
Some Best Practices
 Focus on your indicators
 Map out entire system before building it, from data
collection reports
Reports Data Model Data Collection
 Formula on the object, not on the report
 Before going mobile, consider the end user
 Important to get your theory of change and indicators
right before using Salesforce for evaluation