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EEC1522- Quiz 3- Cosett Maytin (1)

Cosett Maytin
EEC 1522
The Learning Environment
In watching the video it is my opinion that infants and toddlers require areas that are safe and positive
around them. I learned that infants need soft areas dedicated to them such as blankets, quilts, plushes
and cushions so as to not hurt themselves. In regards to reachable items, they should all be at eye level
and accessible to avoid them getting hurt. Ideas for this include low plastic mirrors, bookshelves and
other different sensory items for their attention. You can also have toys which make noises, playdough
and pretend play. It is also a great idea to have family pictures available to them so that they can make
attachments and permanency in their dedicated areas. Also discussed in the video was the need for
stable furniture and space and time for socialization skill building. Support from their teachers and aides
is also very important in this critical time for learning skills.