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Teenage Pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy affects about 6% of
Filipino girls. That sounds like a small number
but is the second highest rate in Southeast
Asia based on Save the Children’s Global
Childhood Report from 2019. An estimated
538 babies are born to Filipino teenage
mothers EVERY SINGLE DAY, according to
the Philippine Statistical Authority from 2017.
Group Disagreements
In the discussion we have in our meeting. Some have different
perspectives in the following:
Teenage Pregnancy may lead up to some major circumstances
• Abortion
• Depression
• Sex Education
BASE Model
B- Based on Facts
Teenage pregnancy affects nearly six percent of Filipino girls
In June, 2021 Executive Order 141 declares prevention of teen
pregnancies a ‘national priority’
Survey showed that only 13 percent of 500 young women in the
Philippines have knowledge of emergency contraceptive (EC)
pills or the Yuzpe method, which has an 88 percent efficacy rate
if taken within 72 hours after conception.
A- Ask Questions
Teenage Pregnancy is one of the most relevant issues in the Philippines.
It can be shown all over the news and social media.
Having an awareness and education about this matter is one of the
things that can reduce the rate of teenage women having pregnant
Asking questions to parents, friends and professional is also a possible
S- Keep it Simple and Clear
Girls who have received a high amount of
education are five times less likely to become
pregnant and educated girls enter into child
marriages less often and are more likely to have
healthy future pregnancies. School provides the
perfect environment to combat teen pregnancy.
E- Use Examples
• Lack of information about sexual and reproductive
health and rights.
• Inadequate access to services tailored to young people.
• Family, community and social pressure to marry.
• Sexual violence.
• Child, early and forced marriage, which can be both a
cause and a consequence.