What could school, church, parents, community, etc

What could school, church, parents, community, etc. do to help
prevent teen pregnancy?
 They could all talk about teenage pregnancies telling the teens all
the ups and downs of having a baby too early in your life.
Parents need to have good communication with their children and
teach them from the time they’re little all that is right or wrong,
and they need to support and love their children no matter what.
There should be more talks about teenage pregnancy in the
 Have programs for young girls to keep them occupied.
 Pay more attention to teen problems. Talk to young girls about
the consequences.
 Have them work with children.
 They could teach about abstinence and birth control and
 Help teens when they have a problem.
 Have support groups and fun things. Find jobs, so they won’t
look for other things to do.
 Tell teens where to go for family planning.
 Tell them about consequences (sometimes it just doesn’t help).
 Have your parents talk to you about no getting pregnant.
 Teach sex education. Have teen parents teach their kids about
sex education.