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Future Tense

Future Tense
Name and Surname:
1. Complete the following sentences by filling in the Future
Tense form of the verb in brackets.
1.1) I
on the jumping castle this afternoon. (jump)
1.2) We
in the summer. (swim)
1.3) I
my book under the tree. (read)
1.4) My dad
the plants tomorrow. (water).
1.5) My granny
my brother and I up from school. (pick)
1.6) I
for my test tomorrow. (study)
1.7) My brother
1.8) I
all the pudding. (eat)
my homework tonight. (finish)
2. Write the following sentences from the Present
Tense to the Future Tense:
2.1) Timothy reads a book.
2.2) Mr. Jackson closed the school early.
2.3) Mrs. Smith baked us a cake.
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