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Folahanmi-Verb Tense HW

Verb Tense Homework
1. Which of these sentences is in the past tense?
a. Mary eats an apple.
b. I loved that movie.
c. My mom takes me to the cinema every week.
d. I will go to school tomorrow.
2. Which of these sentences is in the future tense?
a. She said she will go to the shop tomorrow.
b. I eat cereal for breakfast.
c. You ate a whole cake?
d. Tom never went to the library.
3. Which of these sentences is in the present tense?
a. Jackie drove to work yesterday.
b. She picks up her backpack.
c. I will meet you for dinner tonight.
d. I didn’t sleep well.
For each sentence, change the tense of the underlined verb to agree with the bolded verb.
Peter closed the book and puts it on the shelf.
The bolded word, closed, is in past tense, while the underlined word, puts, is in present tense.
So, we change the underlined word to past tense, and the sentence becomes:
Peter closed the book and put it on the shelf.
1. Nobody ate any of the food, so I throw it out.
2. The dog plays with his chew toy and chased his tail.
3. We will go to the supermarket and bought some chicken.
4. Everyone danced to the music, but I sit by myself instead.
5. My teammate passed the ball to me, and I kick it into the goal.