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Simple Present&Past Tense Exercise

Tense: Simple Present Tense
1. My home is close to my school. (be)
2. I like swimming and playing volleyball, but I am not very good at them. (like; be)
3. Mrs Lam always joins her sister for a walk on Sunday mornings. (join)
4. My brother goes to bed early every day. (go)
5. Simon and I are schoolmates. We meet once a week at VA lesson. (be; meet)
6. Elaine’s cousin studies in France, so he speaks French. (speak)
7. Sam has lunch at school canteen every day. (have) haves has
8. The students often read books in the morning. (read)
9. Julian does housework on Saturdays. (do)
10. Sometimes Mr Chan drives his children to school. (drive)
Tense: Simple Past Tense
1. John was in Paris one month ago. (be)
2. We visited Disneyland yesterday. (visit)
3. We were not at home last night. We went to a party. (be; go)
4. Ms Wu told us to complete the homework last week. (tell-told-told)
5. My mum bought me a new dress when she went shopping. (buy-bought-bought)
6. We waited for him at the school gate because he was late. (wait)
7. My brother had a bad cold yesterday. (have)
8. I saw Jane playing basketball in the playground this morning. (see-saw-seen)
9. Mr Chan typed a long letter one hour ago. (type-typed-typed)
10. Tom relied too much on his elder brother when he was a child. (rely- relied- relied)