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Business process
What is Business process?
A business process is a collection of
related, structured activities or tasks by
people or equipment its an
interconnected operations that
culminate in the delivery of a service or
product to a customer.
In simple words-series of actions and
tasks that, when finished, will help an
organization achieve its objectives.
The chart below will help to make it
understand more clearly
What kind of data used for
-In business, any kind of data about the
customer we get is necessary for us!
Some examples of data are :
External data, Information gleaned through client surveys, as well as
interactive content
Details about email marketing Data from the market.
Information on the social media campaign.
Information and descriptions about the products.
Plans for business and sales.
Emails to potential customers.
Your website now has blog posts.
Statistics from market research
But the usual data which is used most is given below
Let’s understand what really is
Importance of business
-BPM helps executives determine how to
deploy, monitor, and assess corporate
resources by aligning business operations
with customer needs. When effectively
implemented, BPM may increase
efficiency and productivity, lower costs,
and reduce errors and risk, all while
improving results.