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Export marketing assignment 1

Syed Muhammad Faizan Shah
Assignment 1
Export Marketing
Q1. Explain the factors that lead to the Internationalization of KFC in Israel? (10 Marks)
After dominating the US market, KFC focused on overseas expansion. KFC built outlets for itself by
supplying precisely for the market they found themselves in, eventually driving out other competitors.
with the internationalization of American culture.
Due to the domestic push in the American market which included its dominance and competitor
advantage, KFC found itself to be in an ideal position to expand into more diverse markets like Israel
where chicken is consumed like staple food.
But one of the downfalls of KFC in Israel was the religious dietary laws called “Kosher”. This lead to
replacement in the ingredients of the original KFC chicken recipe that took out the flavor and effected
the product’s cooking.
Moreover, KFC over the years was unable to come up with a successful alternative way to penetrate the
market with the right ingredient change, this further made them close their outlets time to time.
Q2. Which type of orientation is being followed by KFC-International? (10 Marks)