Diagrammatic Representation of an Information System

The environment is everything
that influences or is influenced
by an information system and its
purpose. It includes any factors
that affect the system or are
affected by it.
- Website: The World Wide
Web, Community of People.
- Real Estate Newsletter: Real
Estate Agency and Local
- KFC: Fast Food Industry and
KFC Group.
The boundary defines what is
part of the information system
and what is part of the
Example: An online ordering
system designed to process
orders for a business may use
the services of a payments
system to process and approve
credit card payments. The
payments system is in the
environment of the online
ordering system.
Refer to page 7 – ATM as an Information System
Information systems have a
purpose, which means they
address the needs of a
group or an individual. The
system’s purpose is the
reason for its existence and
it used to measure success.
It should consist of a
statement identifying who
the information system is for
and what it needs to
Refer to pages 8&9 Scenario and Group Discussions.
What needs to be done to collect
and transform data into useful
7 processes:
Storing & Retrieving
Transmitting and Receiving
Information processes are
computer and non-computer
based activities.
Refer to page 10 Scenario and Group Discussion
They carry out or initiate the
information processes. Users are
all the people who view or make
use of the information output from
an information system.
Participants also view or use the
information from the system;
however they are also actively
involved in the operation of the
information system.
Look at the arrows in the diagram
there is a direct relation to the
information processes.
Refer to Group Task page 11
People who view or use the
information output from an
information system.
Any of the raw material entered
into the Information System.
This can take form of any of the
following 5 data types:
Output displayed such as
receipts, printouts, graphs.
The set of tools used by an
information system or its
participants to perform work- it
is the hardware and software
used by information systems.
Refer to pages 13&14 and complete Group
Task and Activities.