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Crash Course Video Notes - Heredity

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“Heredity: Crash Course Biology #9”
1. The passing on of genetic traits from parents to offspring is called
2. ______________________________ are the form that our DNA takes in order to get passed on.
3. A Mendelian trait is a trait that is control by __________________________ gene(s).
4. Any cell in your body that isn’t a sex cell is a ______________________ cell also known as
5. Sex cells are called _______________________________ and they are
6. If one allele masks the characteristics of another allele it is considered to be
7. Everybody inherits _______________ alleles from their parents.
8. If you have two of the same allele then you are considered to be _______________________ for that
9. Complete the Punnett square for ear wax.
10. There is a correlation between _________________________ and
11. If you are a guy, your “y” chromosome came from your ________________________.
12. Baldness comes from your ____________________________ chromosomes.
13. You
clean your ears out with Q-tips.