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Describe the texture of the potato strips after they were immersed in 20% sucrose
solution for one hour. Explain your answer.
(4 marks)
The potato strips become soft.
As the water potential of the cell sap of the potato cells is higher than that of the
20% sucrose solution,
there is a net outflux of water molecules from the potato cells to the surrounding
solution across the differentially cell membrane by osmosis
The plasmolysed potato cells become flaccid and cannot press against each other
and hence, the potato strips become soft in texture.
2. State two modifications that can be made to the experiment so that the results can be
obtained faster.
(2 marks)
Cut the potato strips into several discs to increase the surface area for osmosis. (1)
Immerse the boiling tubes into a water bath to increase the temperature at which the
experiment is carried out. (1)