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Crash Course Macromolecules

Crash Course: Biological Molecules- You are what you eat
1. ___Biology_______________ ____molecules______________, these aren’t just the building
blocks these are the molecules necessary for every living thing on earth to survive.
a. Essential sources of _energy______________
b. Energy __storage____________
c. ____ instruction /nucleic acid___________________
2. Ingredients for life
a. _carbohydrates_______________________
b. ______lipids_________________
c. ___proteins___________________
d. ____nucleic gases___________________
3. All organisms need to __synthesize______________ or ____ingest_____________ these items to
4. __ Glucose and sun___________ are the source of all energy we have available to us.
5. We store our energy through ___glucose________________.
6. ___lipids or_fats______________ have the inability to dissolve in water because their chemical
bonds are nonpolar.
7. _phospholipids________________________ make up cell walls.
8. Proteins create enzymes, antibodies, protein hormones by using ____amino