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How to grow your podcast audience

How to
grow your
For growing the podcast audience, we can
use some tricks but there is no sure-shot
way for doing this. If you want more
listeners then it is necessary that:
● In multiple directories, your show is
● You network with influencers of the
industry and other podcasters.
● You get reviews that are positive.
● You use social media and email for
engaging the audience.
Now I am going to show you how to grow
your podcast audience.
1. Engage with the audience for about
10-15 minutes daily – In order to know
about the loyalty of the audience
towards your show you need to engage
with them for about 10-15 minutes daily.
Because of the conversational nature of
the podcast, a lot of people like it. After
listening to it you will have a feeling that
you are listening to your friend. For
engaging with them you need to interact
with them on Twitter and respond to
their comments on Instagram.
2. Give importance to the feedback
from the audience – Always listen to
the feedback from the listeners. For your
growth, this feedback is very important.
So, be open to the listeners and take
interest in their concerns to make them
happy. The listeners can become your
fans if you listen to their feedback.
3. Support other podcasters by
networking with them – You need to
consider the other podcasters like your
peers. Every week around 7 shows are
listened to by the listeners of these
shows. A number of trading tips and
advice are shared by the podcasters
engaged on the groups of Facebook.
Sharing the other people’s show of your
choice with the audience will be a good
idea. The audience may also take
interest in the show of your interest that
you share with them. In this way, you
can support other podcasters and there
is a possibility that in return they also
support you.
4. Be a guest on the show of other
people – It will be good for you if, on the
other people’s show, you go as a guest.
In return, you can also invite those
people to your show. In this way, their
audience will get value from you. Your
expertise will be listened to by the
listeners in their show. Because of this,
the same listeners may also like to listen
to your show.
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