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The World

The World
So here is what i got when i looked up “strange
driving rules from around the world
 1) In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive,
as in they can drive but they just wont be able obtain
a drivers licence.
 Apparently driving with a dirty car is finable offence
in Russia.
 You can buy a license in Mexico
Weird schools from around the world
 Elf school in Iceland
The Elfschool is open all year around in Reykjavik. It is 28 years old this year. What students
in the Elfschool gain and learn is everything that is known about elves and hidden people, as
well as gnomes, dwarfs, fairies, trolls, mountain spirits as well as other nature spirits and
mythical beings in Iceland and in other countries. And also where these creatures live, what
they look like, their ideas about humans, about them as well as all the other nature spirits
that seems to live around us here in other dimensions - as the elves themselves claim that
they live in.
 Brooklyn free school
BFS is a real, practicing democracy. An all-inclusive democratic system runs many aspects of
the day-to-day life of the school, and students are free to pursue their interests for much of
the school day, as long as it doesn’t impinge on the rights of others. The school encourages
and fosters as much age integration as possible, and there are no compulsory grades,
assessments, or homework. Students of all ages are in charge of their own learning and
progress and have real power to make decisions about the direction their education is going
and how their school community is run. BFS believes that all students should be given the
responsibility to make these decisions about their education and school, learning first hand
about themselves as learners and how to build a better democracy and a better world.
Good luck charms from around the world
 Cat,s eye: carried in India and is believed to protect
ones wealth
 Bamboo:In china bambbo represents luck, money
and achievement
 In Germany pigs represent wealth and prosperity
 https://voxy.com/blog/index.php/2011/03/hardest-