Write the letter of the correct answer next to the question that it answers .
1. An empire is a/an:
(a) alliance of monarchs (b) union of nations to make war (c) group of countries under a single
2. A dynasty is a series of:
(a) rulers (b) books (c) conquests
3. A hereditary monarch is one who gains his throne:
(a) as head of the church (b) from his parent (c) by force of arms
4. Reincarnation is a belief that:
(a) living things are divine (b) objects have divine spirits (c)there is a rebirth of the soul in
another body
5. "Monotheism" means the worship of
(a) the spirits of nature (b) many gods (c) one God
6. Nomads were
(a) wandering tribes of people (b) city merchants and traders (c) people who worshiped spirits
7. A long established custom or belief is called
(a) a tradition (b) a legend (c) folklore
8. A pilgrimage is a
(a) dangerous sea voyage (b) journey to a holy place (c) a procession of holy men
9. In history, a "crusade" generally refers to
(a) an overseas war (b) a religious war (c) a civil war
10. An agrarian society is one that is
(a) highly skilled in farming (b) based on food production (c) trades food for manufactured
11. A foreign policy by which a nation takes over less powerful countries is called
(a) imperialism (b) communism (c) nationalism
12. When an area of a country is granted to a foreign nation to control, it is called a
(a) mother country (b) monarchy (c) sphere of influence
13. Racism is the belief that one's
(a) own religion is best (b) own ethnic group is superior (c) political beliefs should prevail
14. A "puppet government" is one that
(a) is controlled by another government (b) controls only part of its country (c) has only a small
15. In a "one party state" the political leader
(a) controls the government (b) has strong opposition (c) is subject to recall by the people
Match the following
1. B.C.
2. Islam
3. Rome
4. Serf
5. Bubonic plague
6. The Pope
7. Social class
8. Tyrant
9. Western hemisphere
10. Land between two rivers
A. Eternal City
B. Mesopotamia
C. Mohammedanism
D. Despot
E. Caste
F. New World
G. Before Christ
H. Bishop of Rome
I. Black Death
J. Peasant