You are probably now at 30.000 ft., and reading this article because you have
nothing better to do. However, let me be the first to tell you that you´ve hit the
jackpot by reading this article because you´re about to get an insight of an amazing
Iceland is shaped by the forces of ice (glaciers) and fire (volcano eruptions);
moreover, it is Europe´s westernmost country, and the second largest island in the
North-Atlantic ocean. This country is a paradise that no one should let go of because
it´s an island that has everything to offer, no matter the season. For example, if you
like skiing, you can pay Iceland a visit in July and go to the glaciers.
Don´t be fooled by the irony of the name. For instance, Reykjavik, the capital, has
a higher temperature than New York in January. Moreover, it is not uncommon to get
temperatures of 24°C or higher in the mid-summer. One may be surpised, but
weather discussions are part of the local´s life. Furthermore, the weather is constantly
changing, so people often start their daily conversation by discussing the weather.
Therefore, if you are talking to an Icelander and don´t know what to say, simply
mention the weather for an ongoing, long-lasting conversation!!
The nature is unique, and a candy for the eye. Instead of forest, Iceland has lava
everywhere. Tourists all agree that they have never seen anything that compares to
the Icelandic nature. For example, lava is everywhere, hot springs and geysers appear
here and there, glaciers can be seen from many places, and high mountains rise
everywhere. In relation, you only have to drive for 15 min. out of the capital to reach
the wilderness. Because the locals all live at the coastline, almost the whole country
has untouched nature.
Reykjavik, the capital, has nothing less to offer than any other capital in the world.
Tourists are amazed how lively the capital is despite its size. Moreover, the nightlife
has a standard of being the best in the world. During the weekends, Reykjavik is the
place for party people because pubs and discos are open until the early hours of next
morning, and some places don´t close at all.
With all the information given above, you should keep Iceland in mind next time
you decide to travel. Have a nice trip!!!