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Nursing interventions for Late Deceleration

Nursing interventions:
Place client on left lateral position
- Takes off pressure from presenting part of umbilical cord and improves
maternal blood flow
Increase plain IV infusion drip
- Increases circulating fluid volume and placental perfusion
Assess FHR changes during contraction, note decelerations and accelerations.
- Detect severity of hypoxia and possible cause
Monitor uterine activity.
- Development of Hypertonicity can compromise uteroplacental circulation
and fetal oxygenation
Talk to client/couple as care is being given, and provide information about a
situation, as appropriate.
- Provides psychological support and assurance to reduce anxiety related to
increased monitoring.
Prepare for delivery if repetitive decelerations over a 30-min period is noted
- To prevent fetal injury or death from hypoxia
Administer oxygen as indicated
- Increases available oxygen for placental transfer.
Discontinue oxytocin if administered
- Strong contractions caused by oxytocin may inhibit or reduce uterine
relaxation and lower fetal oxygen levels.
Report to physician any abnormalities
- For further medical intervention