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Final Project

Derek Sardinas
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Final Project: A written letter to incoming college Students
Dear incoming college student,
You've done it! You graduated from high school, you've been through around 18 years of
highs and lows, struggles, and triumphs. You've gone through so many different variants of
yourself, but now you're ready to embark on your college career. Before you go to your
university, you should know a few things. First and foremost, if you're like the majority of
incoming first-year students, you're undoubtedly both ecstatic and apprehensive. That's
perfectly natural and acceptable. Beginning a new chapter of your life in a new location
away from home is exciting, but it can also be frightening. I won't tell you that college is
simple because it isn't, but I will tell you that it is worthwhile. College will improve your life
in ways you can't even comprehend now. When it comes to your first year of college, one
of the most important things to remember is that everything will be different. This may
seem self-evident, yet even the seemingly minor aspects of your life will ultimately alter.
This isn't always a negative thing. Nothing could become any better if everything
remained the same. This is a critical mentality to adopt straight immediately. You won't
cling to the areas of your life that you need to let go of if you accept this from the start.
You will eventually suffocate and restrain yourself. Allow yourself to let go, accept change,
and embrace the unfamiliar.
College is difficult. This is a straightforward reality that cannot be sugar-coated. It's
challenging in more ways than one. It will put you to the test academically. Your
coursework will be more sophisticated than you anticipated, and you will most likely have
to work more than you have in the past to succeed. Your mind, on the other hand, will
expand in inconceivable ways. You will learn a lot more in a shorter amount of time, and
you will frequently love it as well. I know that seems ridiculous, but believe me when I say
it's real. College is also tricky socially. It's challenging to be away from friends, family, and
everything familiar. It might drain you emotionally at times, but all it takes is a slight
adjustment. You will gradually become more at ease once you have established yourself in
your new house. It'll become the new normal for you.
A college is a place where you may find yourself. Other people's pressure is less noticeable
and relevant to you. You will encounter things you have never experienced before, which
will mold you in new ways. Not only that, but each day will teach you something new about
yourself. College provides you with the means to attempt a plethora of exciting new
experiences, and if you take advantage of these possibilities, you will learn a great deal
about yourself. Most importantly, you should know that college is fun. It truly is a fantastic
time filled with memories that will last forever. You will meet some incredible people that
will make you feel like you have known them your whole life. There are very few things
more beautiful than that. The way to have the most enriching experience in your first year
is to take advantage of everything offered to you and say yes a lot—order pizza at
midnight with your friends to try new things with new people. Explore your campus. Get
involved. These next years will go by fast, so make the most.
A former college freshman