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Shark Tank - Assessment Criteria
Persuasive Language
- Is the usage of language correct throughout the
- Is the usage of language engaging throughout the
- Did you use a variety of persuasive techniques?
- Is the project visually appealing?
- Does your presentation need further explanation
(Dragon’s know straight away what you want to offer?)
Project Objectives
- Is it clearly stated what the product key aims and
objectives are?
- Is this project unique? /10
Target Audience
- Has the group done sufficient research to ensure this
project would be relevant to the target audience?
- Have they identified the specific groups that this
project is relevant to?
- Will the project have a long term impact on the target
/ 10
- Has there been an explanation of how the funding
would be spent?
- Is there a clear stage by stage timeline of project
actions? /10
Unforseen Factors
Has the team shown awareness of any factors that are
out of their control?
- Have the team identified any limits to what they can do
with the idea?
- Is there a similar project in place doing the same thing?
Has a similar project been in place before and failed?