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Pare Jahat
Pare Jahat is a quotation of broken heart in Pare where many young people learn
English. It is not only for romance but also for friendship. Most of them are from different
culture, language, and habitual.
Some people who feel Pare Jahat usually fall in love each other. They cannot refuse
their feeling because they always spend the time together. Another reason, one of them needs
attention and another one gives it back. In other hand, someone whom I meet looks for a new
friend to struggle together learning English. They believe that they will be spirit when they
have same intention. Moreover, when they feel comfort, they will share their problems.
Sometimes, they eat in the store together before they go to the course. Those kinds of activity
that make them cannot be distant. When their program is done, they have to go back to their
own hometown. Then, they break up their relationship. Actually, they do not want to break
up, yet the situation and condition force them to do it. I believe that they always count the day
when they gather as usual. Now, they do not know when they can meet again.
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