Mise en place Worksheet

Name __________
Mise en Place
Core, drain, grease, knead, liquefy, melt, pare, peel, roll out, shred, snip
1. ____________ Spread the bottom and sides of a pan with shortening.
2. ____________ Change a solid food to a liquid by beating it, usually in a blender.
3. ____________ Pour off liquid or let it run off through the whole of a colander.
4. ____________ cut off the skin.
5. ____________ Flatten and spread with a rolling pin.
6. ____________ Cut into thin pieces, using a knife or the large holes of a grater.
7. ____________ Cut into very small pieces using scissors.
8. ____________ Change a solid food to a liquid by heating it.
9. ____________ Pull off the skin.
10. ____________ Curve your fingers and pull the door toward you, then push it away with
the heels of your hands.
11. ____________ Cut the stem end or remove the seeds.