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112 Three Types of Leadership Communications Behaviors

Leadership Communication Behavior Sets
Cascade information flows topdown
Set strict rules and guidelines
Must approve employee
decisions and actions
Admit that they don’t always
have all the answers
Value employee opinions
Act on employee feedback
Share information only after
decisions have been made
Communicator perspective:
“We have had some success in getting
leaders to be less directive, but under
pressure they just revert to their old
Communicator perspective:
“Some of our leaders are naturals at
interacting with employees, but with
most of them it is an uphill battle.”
Explain what employees need to
do to support each other
Encourage exchange of
ideas and knowledge among
Explain reasoning behind
Trust employees to make
Communicator perspective:
“Encouraging employee interactions
and giving context behind decisions
is something most of our leaders
can do whether they are natural
communicators or not.”
Source: CEB analysis.
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