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Biology Review 1 Second 9 weeks

Biology Review 1 Second 9 weeks
1. What are four main differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
2. What are four similarities between prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
3. What are 4 differences between plant and animal cells?
4. What are 3 similarities between plant and animal cells?
What is the function of the following organelles:
5. nucleus:
6. Mitochondria:
7. Ribosome
8. Cell membrane
9. Vacuole
10. Flagella/cilia
11. Chloroplast
12. Cell wall
13. Cytoplasm
14. Draw a plant and animal cell and identify each of the organelles from above.
15. What is the nuclear membrane and where is it located?
16. Starting from smallest (Atoms) to largest, name the organization of life?
17. Classify each example below according to its organization of life.
a. Urinary Bladder
b. Skeleton
c. Epithelial tissue
d. Kidney
e. Squamous cell
18. What are the basic levels of organization that make up an organ?