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Levinson-Values - Lifeboat Activity ver 2

Fifty passengers set sail one day for a three day cruise. The weather was stormy and the boat was severely
damaged – making a return trip in the vessel impossible. To make matters worse, the crew lost their bearings
and all communications to the outside world. On the bright side, the captain was able to locate a small,
uninhabited island to land the vessel.
The captain would not abandon the ship or passengers on the island. A small lifeboat capable of holding 5
people was functional. He already selected 10 potential people who were not injured or distressed by the
incident. However, he needed assistance choosing 5 individuals to sail to safety on the boat and aid in the
rescue of the rest of the passengers.
_____ Law Student: He is in his 2nd year of law school—with an emphasis in criminal law. His professors
describe him as “brilliant and enterprising.” His wife is also a passenger.
_____ Secretary: She is the wife of the law student. She dropped out of nursing school to work in order to
put her husband through school. The couples’ five-year-old daughter is at home with her mother.
_____ TV Evangelist: He has recently been indicted for fraud on his TV series in which 5 million
“disappeared.” He has a wife and six children back home. He took the cruise to “clear his head.”
_____ Prostitute: She has recently decided to leave prostitution for a job at a halfway house for kids coming
off the streets in NY. She is 7 months pregnant.
_____ Union Organizer: Brought up in the ghetto, he emerged as one of the most well-respected
individuals in his community. He has great facility with organizing and leading.
_____ College Student: She is an undecided major and on academic warning. She was brought up on charges
of academic dishonesty last semester. She went on the cruise with her wealthy parents who did not survive.
Now she is an only child and sole heir to her parents’ fortune.
_____ Marine Biologist: Dying of AIDS: He is familiar with ocean life, tides, currents, etc, but was
given no more than six months to live. He took the cruise to have some down time before he begins
treatment. He has won many awards in his field and is extremely knowledgeable about marine environments.
_____ Grandmother: Her husband fell ill suddenly 2 years ago. Her life savings went into his treatment.
Unfortunately, he died at age 65, after 30+ of marriage. Her kids chipped in to give her this trip for her
birthday. She has been a wonderful mother and homemaker all her life. She is known in her small town
community as the “Kool-Aid Mom.” She has been active in PTA and Girl Scout leader for 20 years.
_____ Business Executive: A 50-year old man and workaholic, he believes he has “sacrificed all for his
family” and believes he needs time for rest & relaxation. He was on this cruise to wrap up yet another “big
deal” that he just couldn’t pass up even though it mean missing his daughter’s six grade graduation.
_____ Tri-Athlete: (cycling, swimming, running): He has spent the last three years training for the Iron Man
competition. He was a pre-med major in college; had been accepted to medical school but decided to wait
another year before entering. He worked in a hospital for four years alongside a noted obstetrician.
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