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Technology and education

Activities chapter 2
Since I have no one I know that teaches in a classroom I went ahead and talked to a fellow coach on
what his ways were using technology outside of the Swimming pool and what he feels would be
beneficial towards swim coaching and technology, his responses were “outside the swimming pool all I
use technology for is to scroll the web (social media) and watch movies and shows.” His thoughts on
how he would use more technology in the pool matched up with my idea on using underwater cameras
to help evaluate swimmers more and find out easier on what they would be doing wrong and also make
it easier in explaining what we would want them to change by showing them what they are doing
I feel in this way swimmer/ athletes would be looking forward to finding out what they can change and
improve on to working on getting faster in the water. And I feel bringing the same logic into a classroom
and incorporating videos of how things are done can help students understand more and also lets them
enjoy it more and pay more attention in class or at the pool.
After watching the video on TeccherTube.com a lot of questions raised in my mind and also helped
remind me what my self-moto was when it came to Swim coaching, making sure the students / athletes
are engaged and that you do not lose their attention when explaining or performing something.
Understanding that the world we live in is so technologically driven that it seems that babies are born
with a screen inform of them, and in todays world kids can do about anything on the Webb be it
streaming a video game for others to watch or find out answers to a question they don’t understand to
teenagers buying stocks and doing foreign currency exchanges. This shows that kids are really engaged
into technology and incorporating it into our current education program would help make them more
interested in learning more and make them more inquisitive on finding out more information on topics
and lessons.
The video talks about ways you can use technology to teach and also talks about how phones are now
days really important in people’s minds and that “losing your phone you lose a part of your mind”. And
looking at this we can use this to our benefits when it comes to teaching in the classroom to using it in
sports. for example what I have done is take video recordings of an athlete and using a video editing app
I could circle mistakes the swimmer made and I would send it to the swimmer in this way they have
something they can watch and also know where they need to make improvements the next time they
are in the water swimming.
My main goal is to change the way swimming is coached especially for younger kids that are starting to
learn how to swim to kids going into the competitive stage of swimming, I want to be able to maximize
the use of technology in the water to best help swimmers know what they need to improve on and to
where it helps find errors one makes .