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Review of Technical Note 21

I teach a course in “Reverse Engineering” to undergraduate mechanical engineering students at Johns
Hopkins University in an effort to give them some engineering intuition and practical application of their
theoretical learning. The course is affectionately referred to as the tractor class, because we
disassemble, analyze and (sometimes) repair a Ford 8N tractor. One of the early lectures is explaining
the 3pt hitch and the genius behind it in preventing the tractor from flipping. We then analyze the
potential for rearward flipping dragging a plow at the draw bar. The exercise requires understanding
engine horse hp, drawbar hp, weight of the tractor, etc. Much of the information to complete the
exercise comes from your Tech Note 21. I have referenced this note for several years, as it has a wealth
of information, is succinct and very well written. I wish all reference material were as well prepared as
TN21. Thanks for you effort!