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PreTest Diagnostic Test TLE 7

SY 2022-2023
example: Santos, Maria R.
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TLE Teacher:
Directions: Read carefully. Write your answer on a ½ lengthwise paper. Use pencil .DO NOT write on
the Test Paper.
I. Multiple Choice: Shade the letter of the correct answer in the Answer Sheet provided.
1. What tool does NOT belong to the group?
A. Ruler
B. Weighing Scale
C. Pruning shears
D. Meterstick
2. Your father requested you to get 2 sacks of animal manure from the storage area. What tool should you use to
transport the sacks of manure?
A. Spade
B. Shovel
C. Wheelbarrow
D. Pick mattock
3. Which tool resembles the appearance of a spoon and is used for transferring soil?
A. Grab hoe
B. Shovel
C. Spade
D. Spading fork
4. Why do we need to conduct pre-operative check-up of tools, implement and equipment before starting to work?
It is to repair defective tools.
It is to check if tools are serviceable.
It is to determine functionality of tools, implement and equipment.
is to check, repair and determine the functionality of tools, implement and equipment.
5. What manual do we check before using the equipment?
A. subscriber’s manual C. equipment’s manual
B. farmer’s manual
D. manufacturer’s manual
6. Why do farm tools, implements and equipment play an important role in crop production?
A. It makes work easier.
B. It saves time and effort.
C. It makes work faster.
D. All of the above
7. Which of the following is best used for applying insecticides?
A. Water pail
C. Sprayer
B. Sprinkler
D. Pruning shears
8. Mang Jose’s rice field is now ready for harvest. He needs an equipment to harvest the rice grain to save time
and labor cost. What equipment is appropriate to use?
A. Rice seeder
C. Rice harvester
B. Corn dehusker
D. Tractor
9. Which of the following are cutting tools?
A. Rake, wheelbarrow, and knife
B. Pruning shear, sickle, and bolo
C. Hand fork, grab hoe, shovel, and axe
D. Wheelbarrow, sickle, knife, and bolo
10. Why is it important to check the tractor before using?
A. Prevent costly repair
C. Cause damage to the equipment
B. Delay work schedule
D. Add burden to the operator
11. What tool that is used for clearing the ground and clearing the topsoil?
A. Rake
C. Hand trowel
B. Light hoe
D. Hand cultivator
12. What equipment is used to trim grass?
A. Water pump
B. Grass cutter
C. Tractor
D. Mechanical grain drier
13. Which of the following is an example of an implement?
A. Rice seeder
C. Rotavator
B. Tractor
D. Combined harvester
14. Which of the following is pulled by working animals or mounted to machine?
A. Farm Implement
C. Hand tool
B. Equipment
D. Machine
15. What implement is used for tilling and pulverizing soil?
A. Plow
C. Hand tractor
B. Harrow
D. Four-wheel tractor
Write A if the statement is true and B if the statement is false.
Write C if the slightly true and D if the statement is slightly false.
16. Make sure tools are completely dry before storing.
17. Neglect preventive maintenance program of tools and equipment.
18. Identifying potential causes of machinery breakdown is part of an effective preventive maintenance program.
19. Read and understand the subscriber’s manual before operating.
20. Knowledgeable machinery operators are less productive and cause less wear on machinery than untrained
21. Keeping detailed service records helps you to track of what type of servicing has been done, when
maintenance was done and when it needs to be done again on the equipment.
22. Properly store cutting tools with sharp edge up.
23. Label the storage cabinet for immediate finding
24. Make sure the areas where you are storing the equipment are clean, dry and not overcrowded.
25. Farm tools and equipment last longer when maintained.
III. Multiple Choice: Shade the letter of the best answer in the Answer sheet box in page 4.
26. _____compares values. It says how much of one thing there is compared to another thing.
A) Fraction
B) Ratio
C) Decimal
D) Percentage
27. Find the area of a square with length of 10 m and width of 10 m?
A) 110 m2
B) 120 m2
C)1 100 m2
D)100 m2
28. How many seconds in 1 hour?
A) 60s
B) 6s
C) 360s
D) 3600s
29. How much is the cost of labor in 1 week, if labor rate per day is P 500.00?
A) P 500.00
B) P 3,500.00
C) P 2,000.00
D) P 1,000.00
30. _________is a number or ratio expressed as fraction of 100. It is usually recognized using the percent sign “
%”. “Percent” also mean “per 100”.
A) Ratio
B) Fraction
C) Decimal
D) Percentage