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Welcome to New Normal

May 15, 2020
Dear All Employees,
Welcome to a “ New Normal “ life in this time of pandemic!
DIAMOND FINANCE CORPORATION’s priority is to ensure the safety, health and well-being of its
employees. We have designed a Safety Plan to limit potential exposure to COVID-19 according to the
Department of Health ( DOH ) guidelines to maintain a virus free environment.
Under the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ ), we will implement the following
precautionary measures:
1. Facemask is a must.
2. Everyone is required to submit to temperature check, foot bath, and spray alcohol or sanitizers
on both hands at the entrance of the building.
3. We have increased the supply of alcohol and sanitizers for hand cleaning but frequent hand
washing with soap and water is still highly recommended.
4. Workflow is rescheduled as well as the work area for social distancing with limited physical
movements of employees. Communication thru LAN ( Local Area Network ) will be helpful.
5. Our comfort rooms will also be limited to a maximum of 4 employees at a time.
6. We encourage everyone to bring own plates, spoon, fork and tumblers and discourage lunch
break in groups, it better to eat in your own table. Also, dispose your trashes properly.
7. Employees on a Work From Home ( WFH ) scheme are expected to deliver their daily tasks on
time. A skeletal force in the office will be designed by your respective Department Heads. Please,
8. For travel safety, the Management will provide temporary housing in a nearby area to employees
who live far from the office. This will protect us from the virus they may acquire in their long travel
9. Self-quarantine for anyone feeling ill, regardless of symptoms, should be declared to the
Administration Officer, a Health Committee has been established to assist your first aid needs.
We will continue our support for each other and our clients in the most effective way.
As always, we believe, that our success is largely due to teamwork and proper planning.
DFC wishes you and your families to be healthy and safe!