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Syllabus Algebra 1 Honors

Welcome to Algebra 1 Honors
Hi! My name is Mrs., I am looking forward
to a great year at CRSHS. Please take the
time to read through this document. If
you have any questions let me know.
Thanks, and welcome to the 2020-2021
school year!!
2020-2021 Algebra 1 Honors Course Syllabus
Office Location & Hours
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Course Description: In this class you will develop the algebraic concepts and skills necessary for further math study. You will
use properties to evaluate expressions and operate on polynomials. You will also solve linear equations and systems as well
as factor quadratic equations.
Tests: 4 grades,
Units of Study:
Quizzes: 2 grades
Classwork: 1 grade
Homework: 1 grade
*EOC: 30% total grade
Expectations and Goals
Be present and on time
Come to class prepared
Take responsibility for your own learning …
Absent students are responsible for making up work missed
and scheduling a make-up time for any quizzes or tests as soon
as they return. classwork and lessons will be available on
Teams. Unexcused absences are scored as a zero and cannot
be made up. Students will have the opportunity to retake
quizzes and some tests upon request & approval.
Ask for help when needed
Stay focused during work time
Complete assignments on time
Respect yourself, your peers and teacher(s) wt.
Appropriate language and behavior at all times.
Computer/laptop wt. Internet connection
Folder (digital & physical)
Graph paper, pencils & erasers
Protractor, ruler, compass set
Please sign below indicating that you have read and understand all the content outlined in the course syllabus.
Student name & Signature: _____________________ ________________________ Period: _____
Parent/Guardian name and signature: ______________________
Email: ________________________
Best Tel. number: __________________________
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein