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Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

What class is the Syllabus for? __________________________
What is your teacher’s name? ____________________________
What is your teacher’s email address? ______________________
What is the first thing you do when class begins? ____________________________
What is the third consequence for not following the rules? ______________________________________
Phones must be? ______________________
What letter grade is an 82%? ___________________________
What letter grade is an 50 %? ___________________________
How much percent of your grade are each of the following worth:
Classwork/Homework: __________________________
Tests/Quizzes: ___________________________________
Participation: _______________________________________
If you’re absent for a test do you have to make it up? ______________
Late work will not be accepted after ________________________________.
How many points is the last page of the syllabus worth if you turn it in? _________________
When is the last page due? _____________________