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The Federal Bureaucracy Review Sheet

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Review Sheet: The Federal Bureaucracy
1. How do most American’s feel about the Federal Bureaucracy and bureaucrats?
A. Most Americans are satisfied about the Federal Bureaucracy and bureaucrats.
2. The Weberian theory of bureaucracies views them in the most positive light as . . .
A. Hierarchical
3. How big is the Federal Bureaucracy?
A. Around 2.6 million employees
4. Patronage is a hiring and promotion system based on . . .
A. Jobs hiring and promoting people for knowing certain people
5. ___________ systems are designed to hire and promote members of the bureaucracy on the
basis of merit and to create a nonpartisan government service.
A. Civil Service
6. What was the Hatch Act?
A. It is a federal law that prohibits government employees for participation in partisan
7. According to your text, what are some legitimate criticisms of the federal civil service?
A. Firing incompetents is difficult
8. Which cabinet department is charged with overseeing the nation’s national resources?
A. Department of Interior
9. The largest federal agency based on dollars spent is the. . .
A. The Social Security Administration
10. The General Services Administration and the National Aeronautical and Space
Administration are examples of. . .
A. Independent Executive Agencies
11. Why do we have Independent Regulatory Agencies?
A. To have greater autonomy from political officials than departments
12. Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service are examples of. . .
A. Independent Regulatory Agencies
13. What is the main job of federal bureaucrats?
A. Implementing and Regulation Government Policies
14. The authority of administrative actors to select among various responses to a given problem
is called. . .
A. Administration Discretion
15. Those civil service employees who are in constant contact with the public (often a hostile
one) and have considerable discretion are known as. . .
A. Street Level Bureaucrats
16. The 96 agencies that are all involved in issues of nuclear proliferation constitute an example
of _______ within the bureaucracy.
A. Fragmentation
17. How does the Voting Rights Act of 1965 show implementation?
A. The government enforced discrimination by sending officials to voting spots
18. Discuss the ruling in Munn v. Illinois.
A. The Supreme Court upheld the power to regulate private industries due to the 14th
Amendment not being violated
19. One proposed solution to the “problem” of the proliferation of regulatory agencies and
policies has been. . .
A. Deregulation
20. Who is involved in the “iron triangle”?
A. Agencies, interest groups, Congressional committees and subcommittees
21. How does the Weberian model view bureaucracies?
A. Efficient and Necessary