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Severe Weather Project

Severe Weather
Research Project
You will research a severe weather event. Note it can either be a specific event (ex. Hurricane Katrina) or
a general type of severe weather (ex. Hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, etc.)
Create a poster, pamphlet, or Powerpoint presentation that demonstrates the nature and severity of the
weather event you have chosen.
Use the chart on the following page to assist you in determining what you need to include. You may
work on your own or with a partner. Note that projects done with a partner should be of a higher
standard than those done on your own, as you have twice as many people doing the work.
Did you include:
How the severe
weather was formed
(causes / conditions)
Types or degrees of
this type of weather
Damage caused by
this type of weather
Precautions you
should take to
protect yourself and
your property
Pictures (at least 3)
Not included