Assignment: Extreme

Assignment: Extreme
Tornados are just one example extreme weather experienced in the United States.
Complete some research about various extreme weather and geologic issues that occur in the United
States. The list includes, but is not limited to:
Flooding near coastal areas
Flooding near rivers and streams
Dust Storms
From your research create a report that includes the following information for each type of extreme
weather listed above:
1. A description of the type of extreme weather you selected.
2. A brief explanation of how this extreme form of weather occurs, including the correct
meteorological and geological terms that are typically used in their description.
3. An explanation about related weather events. For example, droughts are often linked to
4. A map/maps the show the typical extent of the extreme weather. (Consider that tornadoes
occur all over, but over a 1/3 of them occur in 'tornado alley')
5. A description of the impact on the United States caused by the extreme weather. (Money
should be included, but find other details too.)