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Fintech Internship 20 Overview Document

Fintech Internship 20
Fintech Internship is a program organised by Fintech Saudi in collaboration with Partners
that offers interns opportunities to get a taste of working in fintech whilst enabling
Partners to promote themselves to future talent and engage with the community.
Get experience with
companies leading in
fintech in the Kingdom
Opportunities in a wide
range of technical and
non-technical areas
What is Fintech?
Financial technology, or ‘fintech’, describes the use of new
and disruptive technology in financial services.
Range of Other Benefits
Possible a full time job, incorporation
into a CO-OP program, certificate of
experience, financial compensation etc.
Want to Find Out
Check out Fintech Saudi’s ELearning Section for
Click Here
Organizations Offering Fintech Internships
How it Works?
Click the link for the group
you fall into
Browse the opportunities
offered by our partners
Apply directly to the
Browse The Opportunities Below
Studying at
Click Here
Final Year at
Click Here
Graduated in the
last 2 years?
Click Here
Working for 2+
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Top Tips to Make a Successful Application
Meet the
Criteria Set
Complete All
Apply As Soon As
Make Sure Your
CV is Up to Date
Our partners have
stated what they are
looking for. Make sure
you meet the
requirements before
you apply
Partners may ask you
to answer questions
and use a certain
subject header in your
Places for internships
are very limited. It is
therefore important
to apply early
If you are sending
your CV to a company,
make sure it is up to
date before sending it
Key Considerations
If working restrictions remain in place due to Covid-19, some of the internships will postponed whilst
others will continue remotely. Please check the profiles for the individual internships for more details.
Some of the internships could be incorporated into a Co-Op program. However this will be dependent on
approvals from your supervisor at your university. Fintech Saudi cannot guarantee that the internship will
be accepted as part of your Co-Op Program
The portal for profiles will close on 31st May. However places are very limited and likely to be filled before
then. We therefore encourage you to apply early.
Fintech Saudi’s role is to facilitate opportunities for candidates from our fintech Partners in the
community. We are not involved in screening the opportunities or assisting the companies with selecting
candidates. Please contact the company directly for any questions that you have related to the
opportunity. Good luck!
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